Referral Spam

I don't publish my referral statistics, so for all those people who use this particularly crap form of online spam.
Don't bother.


One day you may need an ambulance, or I may meet you in the street – it is then my abhorance of violence will be overcome and I will leave you unable to pick your nose…

10 thoughts on “Referral Spam”

  1. Q. You are in a room with a mass murderer, a terrorist and a spammer. You have a gun with only two bullets. What do you do?A. Shoot the spammer twice!

    [old usenaut joke]

  2. The referrals are webpages that (in theory) link to your site. If you click in a link from, say, the bbc website that points to this blog your browser will tell the server that you come from the bbc website.So spammers make thousands of requests forging that information so it seems that thousands of people have access your site from the spammer website.

    Referral statistics are quite useful and not a bad thing per se.

  3. oooh its so annoying, my website is a little place I put some photos online on and I get a thousand refferals from kinky fun.XXX or whatever every month! I get more traffic from spammers than real people! so annoying…

  4. Damn spam people annoy me. You have to wonder how many stupid stupid people reply to these bloody emails that get sent out in the millions. They should be shot.

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