More Fame…

I’m mentioned in the Observer today, along with some other great blogs.

Others mentioned are Mental Nurse (Which I never knew of, but after reading the first post has gone onto my bloglines subscription)

Brian’s Brief encounters, a police blog that I mentioned last week.

Tales From The Chalk-face, from a teacher (I keep telling my brother, a teacher, to blog, but he is too worried about losing his job).

And my mate Suw Charman who is our home grown genius of blogging.1

 Also mentioned is Joe Gordon who is probably the first UK person sacking for blogging about work.


So if you are coming over from the Observer, welcome,  and pleas enjoy browsing the archives.

1.Disclaimer: I only recently gave up trying to snog her.

12 thoughts on “More Fame…”

  1. Yep, EMT. It's something I very quickly found out, that people understand what a Paramedic is, but don't know what an EMT is – so I get called a paramedic fairly often.One day I'll be a paramedic, but until then people will think that an emergency medical technician is the fellow who fixes the ambulances…

  2. You are also mentioned in the Guardian saturday 'guide' section this week. They call you 'one of the best occupational blogs online'. Well done! (not sure if you already knew about this one)

  3. If you were hanging around with the likes of me, then I would say “soon you'll be too famous to hang around with the likes of us” but you don't, which leaves me at a bit of a loss. Damn the duplicitous world of internet communities! Should I actually post this? Ah, what the heck.

  4. Aha, but that is the point (sorta) of a post I made a while back about 'A-listers' (a term that is becoming more pointless everyday).I'll talk to anyone for hours (esp. if a drink is involved), while those who seem to 'get on' in the world are those who only spend their valuable time 'networking' with 'important people'.

    Meanwhile I fond pretty much everyone interesting, and I don't see that changing any time soon.

  5. yeah… but “hanging around” is verging on being a geographical impossibility in a physical sense… I did warn you that my post was more of a rambling than an actual point or sensible comment!

  6. *blushes*Er, um, gosh. Not quite sure what to say. Er.

    *blushes again*

    Nope, definitley speechless. Oh, apart from to say that at least you get a link. I just get attributed gibberish and called 'seasoned'.

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