Well…I’ve Done It

I’m often asked why I started blogging – the honest answer is that I saw a technology that was being used by other people to create great stuff, and it looked like a lot of fun.

To be honest ‘it seemed like it would be fun’ would explain a lot of my life-choices, including the whole ambulance ‘thing’.

I’ve been listening to podcasts for quite a while, and thought that it was something I’d like to do.

So I have exactly that.

My first (very rough) podcast is up there for the whole world to hear.

WARNING: This podcast was made with the worlds cheapest microphone – when/if I do another one then I’ll spring for something more expensive.

I have no ‘stings’ (the annoying “This is radio KNEX 107.1 from Montana” with a sound effect over it), I also have no ‘amusing’ sound effects and I’d really like to have a nice copyright free piece of ambient music in the background (which means I need to dig out my old sequencing software at some point).  What I do have is two great music tracks, a bit of me talking (in betwen the ‘umms’ and ‘errs’).

(I’m wondering how much work I’ll have to do on my ‘radio voice’)

My excuse for how it sounds is this – cheap equipment (a bad workman always blames his tools) and also I have no experience in this sort of thing at all.  Still my bloggin improved with practice, so hopefully this will as well.

You can get the first podcast from randomreality.libsyn.com  the feed, for all those using podcast clients is randomreality.libsyn.com/rss/podcasts

The music is ‘Rodeohead’ by Hard n Phirm, and ‘Introspection’ by Osymyso 

So, what do you think?

You can send your comments to podcast@randomreality.org, or just leave them in the comments box.  I’m looking for podcast safe music, (i.e.creative commons licensed), or places where I can download the same,  ‘radio stings’ and anything else that’ll make the show better.

Rotten eggs can be thrown when you next see me.

16 thoughts on “Well…I’ve Done It”

  1. I don't see the need for music – there is a school that seem to think that podcasts are mini radio broadcasts, but you can also see them as verbal news. e.g. Radio 4 makes some shows available as Podcasts (e.g. In Our Time). Not that you can't or shouldn't have music, it's your 'cast, but I don't see that you have to have music if all you are doing is talking about something.Some more comments – The mike sounded OK to me, or at least your voice was clear and I couldn't hear noise. You were sounded a little stilted at times, but that's probably just the nervousness and will improve as you get used to it. Try not to talk too quickly, there were a couple of occasions that some of the words ran into each other and I got lost.

    Overall pretty good. And although I think the text blog will remain the major interest for me, it is interesting to have the alternative aspect that the podcast gives.

  2. Awesome show man! You should start doing shownotes, where you link to the important things you refer to or talk about, as well as the music you feature. Keep up the good work.

  3. I'll never 'move' to podcasts, it'll just be a little extra thing that I do now and again. This blog is the main concern of mine and will remain so for the forseeable future.I was thinking last night though that a 'cast of the articles that I post would perhaps add value for any blind/partially sighted readers. Maybe that's another way to go…

  4. I will do, as soon as I work out how to do it. Much like blogging I'm starting with no experience what so ever, so things can 'hopefully' only improve.

  5. *phew*In all honesty this site is probably pretty damn accessible for blind/partially sighted people with specialist browsing software. Admittedly that software reads in a monotone and without feeling, which is an area where your own podcasts would have the edge.

    But for me at least (and the deaf/hard of hearing, and those on dialup or with bandwidth limits) text is a lot more accessible 😉

  6. More talky, less music – if you ask me. Which you did, so there you go! I enjoyed it, thanks, definately do it again some time!

  7. I'd second that. I liked the extra thoughts in response to the old blog post; I wonder if there's any milage in getting people who've left particularly good comments on old posts to come on as guests so it's not just you discussing things with yourself?

  8. _More_ talky… Not too sure about that.I do like the idea of getting commenters on for a chat.

    Any volunteers?

  9. Haha “google for womble porn”. Excellent.I agree with previous posters, Tom you should do more talking, perhaps discuss current events or previous blog posts in a bit more detail? The music is interesting, good even, but the novelty of actually hearing your voice will never wear off.

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