Internet Saves The Girl!

I was going to moan.
I was going to tell you about the driver who tried to play 'chicken' with me. I would have told you about the brain-dead idiot who ran out, without looking, from behind a bus, causing me to leave 20ft long skidmarks (on the road thankyouverymuch). Maybe I would have mentioned the kid who thought it would be a fun thing to pretend to jump out in front of my car. All while on blue lights and sirens.

I might even have complained about the maternity department who told their patient to “phone for an ambulance” (which she plainly didn't need).

I definitely would have told you about the two drivers who couldn't wait for five seconds before swearing at the ambulance crew and myself for 'blocking the road'. Didn't matter that we wanted to see if the guy lying on the pavement was dead or not. They only stopped shouting when two policemen sauntered over to them in their “I can't believe you are that stupid” way, cultivated by long hours in Newham.

I would have moaned, but I've had two Chinese takeaways, so I am now feeling content and will therefore tell you about how the internet saved the day.

I got called to a 14 year old female in a block of flats who had collapsed.

Nothing particularly interesting about the actual collapse, but what was interesting was how the ambulance was called.

The patient was talking to a friend via a web cam.

Her friend saw her collapse (well slid down under the view of the web cam).

Her friend then phoned the patients house, where the phone was picked up by the patients gran.

Gran then rushed into the patient's room where she saw the patient collapsed on the floor.

Gran then phoned for an ambulance.

We turn up.

We save the day.

Yay for us.

So all hail the internet, saviour of teenage girls!

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  1. If it had been a simple phone instead of the web cam via they were talking to each other, wouldn't it have been the same effect??? *ggg*Although.. then the phone would have been busy afterwards so let's pretend the gran has got a brand new high tech mobile phone and the girl's friend has got her number as well:) Then it would have worked wouldn't it?

  2. Could internet be the reason of her collapse? Teenagers use internet all day for chatting, without eating nor sleeping. Someone told me of a guy that died of chatting.

  3. Nice. :)Brings to mind the tale of a woman who was talking to her sister in Australia (she was in the UK) and heard a commotion over the phone before the line went dead. She called the Australian police, who rushed around to find her being attacked by two burglars. They got there in time to arrest them and stop her being seriously hurt.

  4. Here is the story:A 28-year-old South Korean man has died after playing an online computer game for almost 50 hours non-stop. The man, known only by his family name of Lee, started playing the popular battle simulation game Starcraft on August 3 and was fixed to his seat for over two days. His marathon gaming session was apparently broken only with the occasional toilet break or five-minute nap. Reuters News Agency reports police sources saying the man died from cardiac arrest stemming from exhaustion.


  5. if you talked to the various manufacturers of web cams, you could totally make some money and recommend a specific type of “life saving” webcam to your readers. i am sensing product placement opportunity….mandie

  6. That's kind of what I have in place… about five of the friends I talk to online most regularly have home and mobile numbers for my mum (who only lives round the corner and has keys for my flat).If they don't see me online for a few hours, or they're talking to me on msn and I suddenly stop talking without changing status, or indeed if we're using webcam and I collapse, then they are to phone my mum so she can come and check on me. And they do, and she does, and sometimes I'm okay and sometimes I'm not.

    I love it, it means that despite disability I can keep my independence AND remain safe.

    And define my broadband as an essential (therefore guilt-free) expense when I do my budgeting.

  7. makes a change from all those perverts using them eh?(think eastenders…..)


    btw… on the subjsect of idiots, I have a mate working in belfast in the fire & rescue service (its new name) and they where called to a fire in a one way street (persons reported) some irate indian bloke got stuck behind, and when the 2nd crew arrived, he was going nowhere…

    talk about abusive…

    then, plod turns up….

    turns out the bloke had no tax, insurance, MOT, licence or indeed a valid visa….


  8. Hi Batsgirl, I read your comments a lot – what is your disability if you don't mind me asking? I know it's nosy but you mention it enough that I think you won't mind explaining.:)

  9. (Sorry, false-posted earlier. Anyway.)Woman talking on the phone to her grandmother. Her grandmother stops talking. She yells at her for a while, and then calls 911 from her cell. We show up, lights and sirens, screech our giant Freightliner ambulance to a halt in front of her house. Three minutes later and begin banging on the door, yelling, etc., no response.

    We check on the ETA of the responding police, they say fifteen minutes, something else bad is apparently going on. On the one hand, this is not a neighborhood where one goes into a situation like this without a weapon, on the other, fifteen minutes sure does matter if this elderly lady is unconscious. So, calculated risk, affected by the fact that we're, you know, 25, and consideration of mortality seem kind of abstract.

    It's a fire ambulance, so we have breathing apparatus and a set of “irons” – fire ax and Halligan bar; our driver reports to communications what we're doing and I give one last “FIRE DEPARTMENT!” and nail the door with the head of the axe, one good shot leaves it like a loose tooth, and the other explosively puts most of it into the back hall while we stand on either side waiting for gunfire. Nothing, but for some reason the lights in the house won't come on, so we manually clear each room on the first floor with our flashlights, go up to the second floor and do the same, yelling “Ms. XXX! FIRE DEPARTMENT ARE YOU IN HERE?” the whole time.

    I get up to the third floor, do a quick duck of my head around the corner and see a little tiny old black lady lying in her bed in the back of the house, phone in her limp hand. Crap, I thought, real call now, and walked back to the back room. The second I walk through her door, she pops up, takes a second, puts it together mentally, and says “Oh. Oh honey, I'm sorry. I took one of them Ambien. Those things will knock you out.”

    Brief physical exam, and she was completely fine. And very gracious about our annihilating her front door, though we did ask her to not sleep in that house until she could get it fixed better than we were able to…it'd be a great Ambien commercial.

  10. After such a long and riveting post like yesterdays' it gets confusing with so many anons. Why don't they adopt a nom de plume just for that post. It would still be anon but you would know which was saying what. No?Pat

  11. without posting my entire medical history on the internet… They *think* I have ME, also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Waiting on the results of a couple of the more “waiting-list” tests they've done still, MRI scan and so on.It started about November last year, since then I've had to give up work and most of my hobbies, which I am still unhappy about 🙁


  12. sorry, totally changing the subject here but…what happenened to the title logo its been awol for days? (I'm a web designer, I'm allowed to fret about little things like this)

  13. talking about abusive, when taking a SJA ambo to get the equipment tested i came across a RTA, where the fend off position with the ambo would protect a cas that was stuck in the road. a driver in a XR3i (well marked up as and had a body kit) started to shout and swear about the road being blocked by the ambo.a cop mate of mine turned up in his panda car, and the bloke carry on at him in the same way. he was told to take a different route, reply to the copper “**** ***” (go and multiply). the bloke was a band driver, with no tax insurance and mot on the car. we nicked name him 'Richard Head' and he was one.

    Dave M

  14. On the subject of crap drivers, have you seen this:-Mercy dash blocked by badly parked car

    A PENSIONER is fighting for his life after paramedics were delayed from reaching him by a badly parked car.

    The man, who is in his 70s, dialled 999 after he had a heart attack at his home in Owlstone Road, Newnham.

    But the emergency crews answering his call were delayed for 20 minutes when their ambulance got stuck behind a Land Rover and trailer parked in nearby Grantchester Street, blocking the way though.

    Paramedic Bob Brotchie said the blockage had seriously reduced the man's chances of making a full recovery.

    He said: “We were called at around 1.15pm on Tuesday because someone was having a cardiac problem and chest pains, and had subsequently collapsed.

    “When we got to Grantchester Street in the ambulance, someone had blocked the road with their car, causing us considerable delay.”

    Mr Brotchie and fellow paramedic Adam Carr were forced to abandon the ambulance, along with vital first aid equipment, to get to the man on foot.

    He said: “We were at least 400 metres from the gentleman's home, but the only option was to run there with what equipment we could carry.

    “The patient deteriorated while he was waiting for our arrival, and we had to spend a long time stabilising him at his home before we could move him, because he had got so bad.

    “His health seriously deteriorated as a direct result of this motorist's poor parking.”

    The police were called to help the ambulance crew try to move the Land Rover, and the team eventually managed to reach the man's home when a local taxi driver stopped to help them find an alternative route.

    Mr Brotchie said: “He's doing a lot better now he's in hospital with the right treatment and care, but there's no doubt that this delay was a serious matter.

    “The bottom line is that we couldn't get through when someone was in desperate need of our assistance. This man's long-term health and life expectancy will have been seriously affected by this serious cardiac problem, so we have to be able to get him help as soon as possible.

    “I just hope people will take note – it's not enough to park so that cars can get past, ambulances and other emergency vehicles need to be able to access everywhere, all the time.”

    A police spokeswoman confirmed that officers had tried and failed to move the offending Land Rover, and then issued a fixed penalty parking ticket.

    The man is believed to be in a critical but stable condition at Addenbrooke's Hospital.


  15. Today (13.8.05) you are on p43 of the Guardian's The Guide, internet preview. This is “one of the best occupational blogs online.”

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