Friday Night, Saturday Morning

The first job you get after a week off tends to set the tone for the rest on the night – not tonight though.
My first job was for an eighty year old collapsed outside her front door. I turned up and sure enough, there was a clean. tidy little old lady laying under a quilt (provided by her neighbours). Completely unresponsive, I burst into action (*cough*), checked her blood sugar levels, and found that it was rather low.

(2.0 mmols, don't ask me what that is in 'American').

One injection later and by the time the ambulance crew were carrying her down the stairs, we were all having a laugh and a joke.

So a good job where I managed to “cure” someone.

But then the night has appeared to take bit of a downturn (so far…), with a 'maternataxi', a 'hot and sweaty' 20 year old (no jokes please), and a series of 'assaulted outside pub', which ended up with me calling the police because it started to 'kick off' again.

I did have another job, where I was going to a “blind 18 year old, possible broken bone, unable to walk, learning difficulties”. Control asked me if I wanted to police present as the patient was apparently 'upset'.

I told them that I didn't really think I needed the police to manage the situation.

Here is hoping that the drunks of East London decide to stop beating each other up for a bit…

Some good news though – the pregnant woman I wrote about who was mugged has just given birth to a healthy baby.

8 thoughts on “Friday Night, Saturday Morning”

  1. (from Brad)Am I reading that right? Her waters broke on June 4th and she's only JUST delivered the baby? Or (as I think may well be the case), you just heard that they are ok and the baby actually arrived some time back? Excuse my ignorance, but if her waters broke all that time ago, I didn't think the baby could survive without them being intact?

  2. howdo,I believe that you multiply the Brit number by 18 to get the American value, ok… thats my good deed done for today… I'm off for some kip.

    Good site by the way, always worth putting a little time aside to read it.


  3. Seems to have been a very quiet friday night, even in Dagenham, the Dagites stopped tryingt o kill each other, very quiet night .Tube Dude

  4. Re waters breaking and keeping the baby in…If it's a hindwater leak, or there is still adequate fluid round the baby, and the woman is not having contractions, you can keep a baby alive for many more weeks with ruptured membranes.

    It is the membrane next to the baby that makes the waters. It keeps making more until the baby is born. What you do is, you keep an eye on the AFI (amniotic fluid index) by doing regular scans to make sure there is enough water there and you get the woman to take her temperature every day to make sure there's no infection. And thus you keep a baby in.

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