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  1. It doesn't always go against the emergency vehicle. The Police will investigate and it will be referred to the CPS for a decision as to whether there is sufficient evidence to summonses for any offences disclosed and this will only happen if it is the public interest to do so and other guidelines are met.1994(ish). Lea Bridge Road, E10 Ambulance on blues and twos passing stationary line of traffic on wrong side of road (as they are entiltled to do – if safe to do so) is hit on the nearside by a car turning right through a gap in traffic. Result no one injured – car driver got 6 points and 200 for driving without due care. I was the guy that instigated prosecution – if you can't see a big white thing making a lot of noise with pretty lights going – explain to the Magistrate why you should keep your driving licence coz I want it off you. But prosecuting rta's is boring so I do Police computers now

  2. People in car: aaargh! we've had a crash! bloody hell, that ambulance got here quickly. I wonder who phoned it?The only time I've been in a car crash (I was a passenger) it was directly outside a hospital which I felt was very considerate of both the drivers involved.

  3. To be fair, it wasn't a van, it was a 7.5 tonne truck. If he'd been wearing his seatbelt he would have been practically unhurt.

  4. Just seen the ambulance involved in the crash. A new mercedes with substantial frontal damage plus been to the scene of the accident which showed signs of a significant collision.Gonna cost Bradley some money I would think.

    Always wear your seat belts!! just cos your in an ambo does not make you invinsible!

  5. It sounds pretty serious, ambulances usually go with higher speed. I hope everyone is alright, where can we check for updates? This accident is different because it involves the ambulance.

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