I'm on the BBC website, which makes me think two things.
1) How easy it must be to fill up column inches with blog extracts (even if they are virtual column inches).

2) I really need to change my “About me” page.

Not that I'm ungrateful for the attention mind you…

And for new readers, all the juicy stuff is in the archives.

23 thoughts on “BBC”

  1. It was a nice article. I noticed it was posted just after midnight. Reporter up late doing her homework?

  2. using quotes from the item about which you are writing in order to reach your wordcount isn't cheating, it's a valid English Literature coursework technique!

  3. A much better article than you led me to expect. And you know what they say: all publicity is good publicity!

  4. Tom, you were also mentioned in the Times. it was talking about the london bombings, and had quotes from blogs, down the margin of the paper.

  5. Congrats – 'tis a lovely article, but there's one thing I'd like to know….WHERE THE HELL IS MY PHOTO CREDIT??!?

  6. what was it? – media whore? you're loving this aren't yer?!! :)anyway, there's a good reason for your success – so bloody well keep it up!

  7. Given the number of women that crowd Tom at these meetings perhaps he should be on “Celebrity Love Island”.Isle of the Canvey style probably 🙂

  8. I would keep the about me secion the same. It will be fun to see just how many articles journalists can get out of the same information.

  9. Fame and fortune eh.Which of course leads to greater exposure for those of us linked from your site – keep up the great work Sir!! 😉

    (there's more than ONE media whore in this part of the blogosphere ya know!)

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