So, it seems that there isn't anything chemical/biological to worry about – so no doubt the Decontamination team are all disappointed…
The police commisioner has told all us Londoners to carry on as normal, but to avoid the affected areas.

The last I heard was that some of the team were looking at a “white powder” incident – but we get a couple of them a week, so it's unlikely to be anything serious.

Once more, most Londoners will look at what happened today, shrug their shoulders and make a cup of tea.

(Something I'm going to do now…)

20 thoughts on “And…Relax…”

  1. I hope I'm just paranoid, but how good are the guys on the ground at detection of biological agents ? TATP (which appears to be what was used last time) isn't hard to detonate, and all four of these “failed”. Sounds not completely unlike a propellant charge to me.jd

  2. A man was arrested at gun-point but possibly he is just someone who didn't follow police instructions. I don't know why my screen is shaking but it is!Pat

  3. Is anybody out there as pissed off as I am that there were no arrests over todays incidents? One of the alleged wannabe bombers actually legged it away from the scene!Theo

  4. Yep, thanks Reynolds for pointing out that we Londoners are not sitting around wailing, bemoaning our fate…Claire, a Londoner in Hampshire (not much longer now!)

  5. At this point the police are beating the 22nd July bombers 1-0 in the killing innocent bystander stakes. Good job, guys!

  6. Hi Tom,Catching up on your blog after being on holiday. Glad to hear everything is okay in London currently. Re: id'ing medical conditions and next of kin, we have medic alert in North America, which anyone who has a serious/recurrent medical condition is recommended to use:

    Does the UK not anything similar?

  7. I thought there were 'White Powder incidents' ๐Ÿ˜‰ every night at the bars frequented by celebrities in London ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. oooh, BBC write-up linked to on their front page today! Although I confess I smirked at the quote about you wanting people to hear you when you moan… I will require two litres of mind-bleach and a scrubbing brush, please. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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