Back, And Busy

And so I return from the mountain bringing wisdom and knowledge.
In other words, my move has now finished, and I am pretty much settled into my new address. New landline phone number is 0208 220 7334.

For the next couple of weeks I'm going to be a bit busy with various fun stuff. This in addition to the fun and hijinks I get from just being at work.

On the 23rd of July (this Saturday) I'm giving a little talk at the BBC supported Open-Tech about how to blog without losing your job. Open-Tech looks to be very interesting especially as Gia is chairing the little bit I'm involved with. You can check out the rest of the schedule, it looks like it's going to be a great day. Come along and say “Hi”.

All I have to do is write my talk between now and then…

On the 26th of July I've been asked to discuss this book with a book group at Imperial college.

All I have to do is actually read the book betwen now and then…

In August Jeannie Cool (an American friend of mine, who I stayed with in Seattle) is coming to London to stay with me for a couple of days – so I need to get my “think like a tourist” hat on to make sure that her first time in London is memorable.

Also in August, I'll be heading out to Mexico for a week. All paid for by my rather excellent brother (without him lending me plenty of money, tmy house move would have been an utter nightmare – Cheers Bruv).

At some point I'll also tell you about the webcomic that I'm writing, I have a cool artist drawing it, and the first few are up (and hidden on the web somewhere). The problem is that the server seems to a be a bit flaky, so half the time you can't actually see the comic.

It's also nice to see that people are, on the whole, being polite in my comments threads, especially over some fairly touchy subjects. I've learned some interesting stuff reading what different people have had to say about various subjects.

28 thoughts on “Back, And Busy”

  1. Well, I used to have my mobile number on the site, and I never had any trouble with that…(And I've taken to unplugging the thing on nightshifts).

  2. Welcome Back! …and have to wonder …you give your landline number out online! You must be the least un-paranoid web-user in exsistance. Nice to know they named the open-tech building after you ;o)

  3. Go easy on being Tour Guide. We have run our friends ragged hauling them around Boston because we just have to show them one more thing. Pick a few good spots you like, local perks, and let her chose one big thing she has heard about, then just enjoy the company.Glad your move is over, mine is still mid-pack. Another week before mid un-pack.

  4. I would say the best thing you could do with your US guest is to forget small town London and come to a big city like Manchester. Much better. So much to do. Why anyone would want to spend their holidays in a provincial town like London is beyond me. Rubbish food, poor beer and misrably people.Come North, you know it makes sense


  5. And you are being considered as a subject for a documentary!! Mail me when you get a chance – no hurry…..

  6. It's so lovely to see you back. I'm glad you aren't annoyed about the comments thing… sorry.Hope the new pad is good.



  7. Of course, one can't do a reverse lookup on a cell phone to find out exactly where you live, you silly git.(I'm gonna go ahead and assume that your average brighter-than-a-radish stalker would know that already, and I'm not giving them any actual tips….)

    Speaking of your being a silly git, see how I'm practicing the lingo? Don't want to sound like an ignorant cow when I get to London…in October. I'm coming in October, dear, not August. (insert generic “men never listen” snark here)

    I look forward to reading suggestions from all your readers as to what can't be missed while I'm in London, but now I wonder…Tom, can we go to Manchester?

  8. Hey cool about that talk, I found you through Gia a while back. Her Blog is cool, as is yours…Good people to know!

  9. yeah, but it takes all the fun out of stalking when the victim advertises details like that on their blog. 😉

  10. I don't mind stalkers if they are sexy women type stalkers…And why so uptight over the details of your trip – I dunno, that's all you women worry about, bloody details…

    Look, at least I knew that it was in the _future_, and that it was in a _month_, I just didn't know which one.

    And no, I'm not taking you to Manchester, it's full of foreigners called “Northerners”, you wouldn't like it…

  11. Sorry to have gotten all worked up over nothing – I guess it is preferable to erring in the other direction; better to have you at the airport a couple of months early than a couple of months late….

  12. Missed you whilst you were busy having a life. Hope your new flat is unpacked & arranged to your liking. The book looks pretty good. Would you consider a short review here?

  13. don't start reynolds. There's nowt wrong with being a northerner. At least I can actually drink a pint of bitter or lager, rather than just a bloody shandy. Not that i'm stereotyping or anything…Merys

  14. here here. Big up the northernersMerys

    PS, anyone else finished harry potter yet??

  15. Good to see the north /south divide still exists. There's more to the north than Manchester and the beer used to be cheaper.Pat

  16. Brit writing from Chicago – Amusing the subject has reverted to important stuff, like the N-S 'dialogue'. For a while this was a troublingly serious discussion of recent London trauma (anyone notice 'class' has so far not been included, although preferred drinks did get a suitable mention ?)

    Very glad you back to normal service.

    be well / db

  17. Speaking as an ex-pat from Manchester (well the posh bit in Stockport) who's loved down sarfff for 20 odd years I'd see keep your guest inside the M25 if it's her first visit. Plenty to see here.1) Charing Cross after 1am

    2) Leicester Sq when the pubs and clubs let out

    3) Any central London A&E at about 2am

    4) A central or northern line tube when it's really hot and humid on a weekday rush hour

    5) A kebab shop after the pubs let out in Wood Green

    Hey – it's all there ! London has it all.

  18. Hi, I'm coming to discuss Safelight with you on Tuesday. I'm looking forward to it. I'm a fifth year medical student (and I contribute to as aj). Your blog is very interesting – us medical students seem to have little interaction with paramedics, so it will be insightful to see what you think. The book doesnt take long to read – nice short chapters. See you there.Alex

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