4 thoughts on “London Hurts? Not Bloody Likely!”

  1. I had an interesting comment from an american friend – something along the lines of here we wail and go on and make commemorative items, there you just get on with it. That's not to say that many people will take a long time to get over this, its just that they will do so quietly privately and with dignity.Rhea

  2. too right.50-odd people dead, with grieving families. 60-odd people still in hospital, with concerned relatives. A few hundred people with what they're probably describing as “a bit of a scratch”. And a couple of thousand who are just damn pissed off that the tube was disrupted *again*…

    From what I've gathered things are already more or less back to normal for the majority.

  3. A friend of mine in the US (a brit) phoned to see if I was ok. Being in Hemel Hempstead at the time I was….He also said that the networks were blathering on about the “Dunkerque Spirit – no doubt the Blitz came into it at some point too.

    A much more accurate comment I heard on the UK news was that decades of IRA attacks and the odd tube and bus strike had prepared Londoners equally well for travel “chaos”.

  4. We are, to our own considerable detriment, misusing the term terrorists. The people responsible for the recent atrocities in London, have quite clearly botched their attempt to achieve this status, simply because we have refused to be terrorised by them. In the future, we should therefore, refer to all such mindless individuals as FAILED TERRORISTS.They are not competent in pursuing the aims of their chosen death cult and we should refuse to accord them the status of being successful anythings. They are comprehensive failures.



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