Civilian Journalists

History’s New First Draft, is a Newsweek piece about how civilians are now reporting the news through Blogs and websites, using mobile phones and cheap cameras.

The writer spoke to me, and so I get a bit of a mention, but it’s a pretty good article in its own right.  For those of us watching the news live, it was obvious that the mainstream media were using a lot of amateur content.

4 thoughts on “Civilian Journalists”

  1. There has been a lot in the press lately about the 'power of blogging' and I'm surprised it has taken the media so long to consider the impact that blogs can have. Re: the terrible blasts last Thursday – as soon as the emergency number for people seeking injured or lost relatives came up on the tv I took a screenshot and uploaded it to both Flickr and my blog. Even though I was ten miles away and was lucky enough to be safe and finally at home after turning back halfway that morning I was not helpless. There was a small virtual difference I could make. I have had e mails from people thanking me for doing this and I am just glad and full of hope for those that read my post even though I am sure I was not the only one to do this!

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