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  1. Are the hospitals appealing for volunteers? I have a British Red Cross First Aid certificate. Joey (have bicycle, will travel) (joannefirm@aol.com)

  2. Please know that we are thinking and praying hard for your safety (as well as everyone else's!).Cat (lrtshouse.blogspot.com)

  3. Oh, holy hell. Just woke to this horrible news here in Seattle; our hearts are with you. I only wish there were something I could do from so far away.- bun

  4. The TV coverage is mixed. BBC seem to be pushing official lines, and is generally restrained. ITN and Sky News seem to have been broadcasting footage from closer to the scenes – from nearby rooftops and so on, and seem keener on eyewitness testimonies.Take care mister, and thoughts are with all affected.

  5. No, according to the BBC, a random european group associating themselved with al-Qaeda have claimed responsibility.Nobody is saying anybody has done it yet.

    As far as I know, the Major Incident Procedures have yet to be put in place (I'm on the callout list, and have not been called); no extra assistance is required therefore.

    Sad stuff, but we were expecting it some time or another.

    Good to see the emergency sevices have been responding so well

  6. To be honest, I doubt you could help all that much…But I know how you feel – I'm a member of SJA, and a few of us have mulled over the idea of taking an Ambulance down to assist. Decided by the time we'd arrive there would be little for us to do, and we'd just get in the way (especially as we aren't involved in the Major Incident Plan for London.) So unfortunately, we just have to sit and wait. It sucks.

  7. This is terrifying news, a shock but not a surprise, and I've been stuck to news reports all day. I am thankful that we have such good emergency servcices, they have really shown themselves to deal with this effectively and efficiently. Well done.

  8. Could someone in the UK give a short list of a few charities to donate to? I'm feeling pretty useless over here in the US. God bless.

  9. Some SJA resources were deployed to this incident, but I imagine the people who were needed would have been contaced using the normal cascade system.

  10. Charities? Doubtless in due course there'll be some kind of local collections for the families of those affected, but giving money really isn't the point as far as the London blasts are concerned.If you'd like to feel “useful” – though I'm not sure why you expect that to be possible – why not give to a charity dealing with long term poverty in the developing world, or better still lobby the US government to increase its aid levels and remove trade-distorting subsidies? A rich developed nation like the UK really doesn't need your assistance even in our present emergency, though we do thank you for your prayers.

    As for the bodies in the BMA building (where I once used to work), Dr Lawrence Buckman had been attending a meeting there and was on the scene ahead of the emergency services. He said on the lunchtime BBC news that 10 people died there, not all of them immediately. Since then this news seems to be being suppressed – haven't seen it officially confirmed at all.

  11. mmm. If you want to do something, try to raise awareness of the G8 summit and the decisions being made there, which today's incident has obviously pushed off the front pages somewhat. The attack was timed to disrupt the summit – we shouldn't let them do that or the attack will have been successful.Yes, it's not a nice thing to happen, but the authorities have planned for this sort of occurance and are dealing with it in an effective manner. I would think the best thing we could do is not let the events disrupt our lives too much, or else it just shows to the attackers that this sort of attack “works”.

  12. All too often, in times like these, we tend to forget the work of those that go in to save life and limb.From my humble abode in the East Midlands, I salute you all.

    God be with you.


  13. Hope you've been safe today, mate. We (Kings) missed the brunt (thank god), I hope you did too. Love to the guys who were there.

  14. The LAS is fortunate to have someone as dedicated as you at a time like this. My heart is with all those in London.Lyle,

  15. I awakened today and watched the horror taking place in London on the news here in the US. It is an unfortunate reminder to embrace each and every day.The day continually grows sadder as the death toll increases…My heart goes out to those of you today who are suffering because of the evil action of others.

  16. Hilliard, OH checking in with a message of solidarity from the States. Thanks for the hard work saving lives. Y'all hang in there, we're with you in bringing those responsible to justice.-DCM

  17. And other resources (both SJA And Red Cross) were deployed elsewhere, to assist their local services – this allowed those services to deploy vehicles into London

  18. I guess for the bus' casualties, they couldn't have picked a better place. I heard on the news that there 2 docs to each patient!

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