Going Dark

Right, I’m afraid this site will become rather ‘blogging lite’ for the next few days.  My move from flat ‘A’ to flat ‘B’, while being a huge pain in the arse is soon to be completed (hopefully by the 13th of July).

Unfortunately, this is crunch time, and I may even be without an internet connection for a while (although, for those that are interested, I should have my wireless broadband up and running before the carpets are put in.  How’s that for geek dedication).

My life has so far consisted of work, sleep, wallpaper, chase up council idiots who think that an accessibility bath for an 80 year old is suitable for 6’1” of lanky me, and do other fun stressful things one must do when picking up everything you own in life and move it to another area.

So blog posting will suffer, as will email, blog reading, MMORPGs and all the other little things that stop me from going insane.

So – don’t go away, read some of the archives if you haven’t already, and I’ll try and write something when I’m at work.

See you on the flipside.

28 thoughts on “Going Dark”

  1. Best of luck. Moving sucks at the best of times, but I'm sure that you'll get it all sorted soon enough.I had my broadband sorted as one of the very first loads of stuff I moved from my old place. I suppose being a telecoms techie has its plus points!

  2. Good luck with squeezing all your belongings into the new place.Look forward to the back log of tales you will have when you reconnect.

    Now go out and save some more lives!! x

  3. Broadband up and running before the carpets are put down – good to see you have your priorities right! Good luck with the move.

  4. Best of luck… when I moved and had two weeks waiting for the phone/broadband to be activated I was spending an extra hour at work each day to keep on top of my messages. My boss said she'd seen cold-turkey heroin addicts in better shape. I said it was the price of me being able to coax our IT systems into working.

  5. Moving is always ridiculously stressful. Hope there is the least amount of horror possible for you; looking forward to your blogging return.Sonya

  6. i've never commented before but i'm a regular reader. hope you are safe and well, my thoughts are with you and the work you may be doing today.hannah xx

  7. is it my imagination, or has Mexico just had a time warp?What the hell is going on, I thought it was just the link from my site that was off!!

    Dejected Merys


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