Silly Job Of The Night

Having a vague sense of humour failure towards the end of my fourth night. Not helped by the thought that today I shall be mainly hanging wallpaper, painting walls and trying to buy some carpet.
The stand out silly job of the night was…

40 year old male who'd drank some water and some of the water went down 'the wrong tube', so he coughed and spluttered a bit and his family called an ambulance.

I got it as 'difficulty in breathing'.

Raced, at high speed, across town (with all the dangers that this involves) to find him unsurprisingly fully recovered.

Quick check to make sure he hadn't suffered a stroke (because that can muck up your swallowing function), and then I was on my way.

Back across town at exceedingly high speed for a seven year old asthmatic.

(I do love smelling the burning brake pads when you hop out the car at your destination).

How do you reach the age of 40 without coughing on a drink? I mean, I nearly choked on my tea when I saw this posting., and that was just today.

4 thoughts on “Silly Job Of The Night”

  1. He sounds like a medical marvel to me. I've “choked” like that countless times. Did he seem to think he had been in danger or had it simply been a case of an overzealous family member calling them ambulance while he was still unable to talk?

  2. If the family had the inclination to call CAC back on 999 and say he's fine now, would they stand you down? or do you have to see for yourself?

  3. see this is why I am glad I live alone. It means that when I collapse, or choke, or manage to sustain minor injuries in some quite ingeniously silly ways in the kitchen or bathroom, there's no one to over-react and leave me trying to explain to anyone in a rather embarassed fashion that there's nothing wrong, really!Of course it does mean I'm a little bit screwed if anything *serious* were to happen…

  4. Oh dear! I suppose it is better to be safe than sorry, but even so… as you say, how did he get to 40 without something “going down the wrong way”?Your job is never boring though…! (I can identify with that!!!)

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