Got interviewed by the BBC today (Health online website).  At the end of the phonecall I was asked if I had a photo of myself I could send.

Well bugger me if I don’t look like a complete pillock in all the photographs of me I own.

And everything on Flickr that is tagged with my name has me looking drunk.

Perhaps I should get a cool photographer to take some portrait shots?  After all, I’ll need one for the back cover of my first book.

In different topic, tomorrow I shall be at the NMK seminar – if you are there, feel free to wave at me.  I’m still tryng to work out why I’m going, I suppose that it seemed like a good idea at the time.

10 thoughts on “Photograph”

  1. I do some freelance photography in my spare time. In amongst working for the Ambulance service. If you need some photo's doing then let me know.Regards

    Say Cheese

  2. I had a professional photographer take a pic of me for some in-house article. It still looked very weird to me.

  3. Couldn't you ask the photographer who did the pics for your article in the Times if he had any more decent ones he'd be happy for you to use if decently credited? thought the option of asking talented lady sounds even better.

  4. I seem to remember offering, back in the dim and distant, but you went all “euuurgh no… ” ;)The offer still stands tho…

    Oh, and thanks 🙂

  5. No photo doth be a true likeness, 'tis always better or worse than reality. It always be in the lighting. Have photo done today then wait 5 years then use it . It don't 'alf improve, hides the grey 'airs and laugh lines. Then they will say 'e wern't 'alf 'ansome lad he be. dungbeetle

  6. And I think, when I have a *bit* of free time I shall indeed employ your services.Because I'm going “euuurgh no…” when I look at pictures of myself.

  7. Your fame is spreading and I think you should invest in a couple of decent head shots. Don't waste the money – do a bit of research first. I once earned my living for a couple of years doing photographic modelling (advertising NOT glamour) on the strength of professional photographs which cost as much as I earned in a week – as a trained nurse

  8. The BBC needs a dash of your humor. Have it use the May 2, 2005 blog photo of you visiting Seattle's Fremont Bridge “Troll,”, about which you wrote: “…given the number of bridges in London we could do with something like this ourselves.”

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