11 thoughts on “Thunderbirds Are Go”

  1. So if he cuts the tip of his finger off with a chainsaw on Friday evening, are you saying this is neither accident (presumably!) or emergency? Friend/family at the ready with the car keys ….. no rush, I'll wait 'til Monday!Guess I'm lucky. My local hospital my not be wonderful, but it's close (close enough to drive myself there and back with a broken arm!).

  2. Must be a lot of Gordon tracy's about northern Ireland then 🙂 we have quite a few of those “floating about” 🙂

  3. Wow – imagine riding in the back of that! No wonder you have so many “frequent flyers”! -photocat

  4. from this monitor it looks like ye want to use the T4 for Blackwall tunnel as it be flooded. Or was to to drive down to Southend and go off the pier? Dungbeetle

  5. RANT ALERT!!!! Brace yourselves!!!Re. luc's comment above, checked out the BBC web link, another CRAZY idea by the powers that be. Another way to avoid, what I think, is the real problem. A lack of hospitals. I live in West Sussex. All the central hospitals have been closed or downgraded. There are now 2 A&E hospitals (as I understand it), Brighton (East Sussex) or Redhill (Surrey). They are great and convenient should you live on the outer southern or northern edges of West Sussex, otherwise you are looking at a substantial trip by car (let alone public transport) into congested towns not built to take the kind of traffic major hospitals attract that lack appropriate parking facilites (especially in the case of Brighton!).

  6. so dont goto A&E! – take yourself to the walk in center or better still wait till the GP' opens on Monday! – thats what there there for!

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