I have a bruise.
It is on the outer edge of my left knee.

I have gotten it via work-related activities.

It is about half an inch large.

I don't think that it will heal while I am in my current role.

Put your guesses as to what it is/how I got it in the comments box, I'll let you know in my next post.

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  1. I used to drive a car with a large 2 way radio stuck to the transmission tunnel, as there was nowhere else to put it… and I still have a mark on my left knee now, 3 years after leaving that job…

  2. Is it from where your knee is banging off the side of the drivers compartment? Or from banging the gear-stick off your knee?Anthony

  3. Car designed for shorter legged people than you or extra kit added without driver leg room in mind? Could always use dressings ans sticky tape as padding to soften the blows.

  4. Sounds like you've got a lack of leg space coupled with a gear stick that shakes all over the place when you're driving, regularly whacking you in the side of the knee….For Tom's US readers (well, for most of his non-UK ones), don't forget that we drive on the left here, which means that the driver sits on the right with the gear-stick on his left….

  5. interesting…..I didn't think of cars at all (and yet I am a driver, and one with a 35 inch inside leg at that)i thought maybe you got it from kneeling on nastly uneven road surfaces (or gravel in parks) checking to see if drunks are unconcious or actually dead. I assume that you end up kneeling at some point every day, although I suppose you could always avoid the problem by going down on your hunkers.

  6. You dropped the large defib bag on your leg whilst running on uneven ground towards a “not breathing” drunk…

  7. There was a huge furore on Radio 4 this morning regarding wait times for ambulances. They seemed mostly concerned about whether it was 60 secs or 240 secs at the beginning of 999 calls that *gasp of horror* was not being counted towards the 10 minutes to arrive time. Didn't seem too interested when the LAS rep said that the clock can only start once the key basic detail to allow you guys to be sent (what and where) has been taken. Just to let you know as I'm surprised you haven't mentioned it in the blog yet.

  8. It's the bag (or one of the bags) that you carry with you to each patient. You carry it in your left hand and it bangs off the side of your knee, leaving a bruise. I reckon you also throw one over your right shoulder.Nugget

  9. Have a feeling Nugget maybe right…I reckon it's the cylinder.We have the same kind of carriers in PICU for doing ward transfers. You can't sling em over your shoulder (well us manly beasts can't anyway because the strap is so small) so you have to carry them. They swing about causing no end of damage.

    Either that or it's going upstairs and using you leg to “help” the bag up and the rolls of tape you keep in the pocket of your combats keeps pushing into your leg.


  10. Half an inch is quite a small bruise… could it be more specifically something like a plastic foot thing that is on the bottom of one of the bags you carry regularly that bangs into your leg?

  11. I reckon it could be banging your knee off the steering wheel when you're jumping into the car in a rush…Iain

  12. I guessed that it was a less than thankful 'patient' using his footOr you just kneed the coffee machine to make it work

  13. I tend to think the above are right, but as an alternate, perhaps that is where your scissors or a clamp are, and that is between your knee and the gear box or shift.Funny, I automatically shifted right to left to account for the opposite driving configuration. I'm not usually able to do that without thinking about it really hard.

  14. Do you have pockets on the side of your uniform trousers? Do you have to carry something heavy in that pocket when you're not wearing a jacket. eg. mobile phone, stethoscope, lunch box, flask of coffee?

  15. umm, is it the mic holder on the RRU loose and every time you go over a speed bumps or pot holes it flies off and hits you on the knee. that or a good time with a nurse đŸ˜€

  16. I'm guessing it's from carrying a stretcher and having it bang against you. Or are stretchers now low-tech and out of fashion?

  17. i'm going to concur with the “carrying a hard, heavy item in your left hand” crowd, even if that does sound kind of dirty (?)

  18. Its was from a 4yr old with a play hammer trying to tell you that your hand break handle in the jelloppy be on and and you will not listen. dungbeetle

  19. While sleeping, a small metal or hard plastic widget got wedged against your knee and several hours of nappage caused the bruise.That, or something involving weasels.

  20. Wait – so it *wasn't* a hickey?Also, it might be a weird place for a hickey IF THAT WERE THE ONLY ONE! But he didn't say that was the *only* mark he had on his body….

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