Knife Time (III)

Today was supposed to be the last knife posting, but then I had this post to write, so the last post (that was supposed to be today) will instead be tomorrow.
Does that make any sense? It's been a long shift

I got sent to “Male, stabbed in street, police present”. Luckily I was pretty close, so I got there in three minutes. Laying in the street was a young male who was bleeding from the stomach.


Well, he'd run out of a shop to stop a traffic warden from putting a ticket on his car – he'd then bumped into someone, who had then pulled a knife and slashed him.

There were loads of police on scene, they'd put a dressing on him but it was soaking through with blood. I examined the wound to be sure that it wasn't a stab, and seeing that the wound wasn't that serious I cancelled down the HEMS helicopter.

He refused to stop bleeding, so I spent most of my time on scene pressing on his belly with a dressing trying to stop the bleeding. It did stop eventually, and I had plenty of time to stay on scene and 'play' as the nearest ambulance was in Dagenham…

…It took 40 minutes for the ambulance to turn up, not their fault, and to be fair it is to be expected because we have been that busy, and we have been that undermanned.

The one good thing about the job is that as it is sunny today. While I had those 40 minutes kneeling in the street, pressing on a bleeding abdomen I was simultaneously working on my suntan.

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  1. You have to be firm with them you know, you have to tell them 'stop bleeding or I won't save you' (only joking)

  2. If the wound was not stopping bleeding, would it not have been better to let the Air Ambo come? I guess this would depend on how serious the bleeding was, but from the way you described, it sounded pretty serious.

  3. If the wound was not stopping bleeding, would it not have been better to let the Air Ambo come? I guess this would depend on how serious the bleeding was, but from the way you described, it sounded pretty serious.

  4. There are several types of bleeding.'Spurting' and 'Gushing' are pretty bad.

    'Oozing', which was what this was, isn't so bad. At the end of the wait (probably 50-60mins since he was cut, he had probably lost about 200mls of blood. (Blood donors donate between 450-600mls of blood on each trip).

    It was just rather annoying to have him leaking over the place, and a little blood goes a long way when it comes to making a mess…

  5. Never had thought of that, different types of bleeding. Sometimes the classification must be a pretty subjective thing I guess.You would make a great teacher, Tom. Have you ever considered it? I mean, medical teaching.

  6. I *think* that the police had suspect number 1 already in custody. It all happened in the middle of the day on a crowded street.Here is hoping.

  7. I used to consider it, but it'd make the blog a trifle boring methinks…(See how this thing is taking over my life?)

  8. yes, your not allowd to leave the LAS Lecturers are sad sods, however could you become a paramedic? and tell us about all the funky gizmos and drugs they let them play with day-to-day.How much 'nursing' goes into 'ambulancing'?

  9. Where abouts did this happen? I want to avoid that area! Email me if you can't say it on here, you've got my address through that stalkery email I sent you a while back.I know this is around the area I go to work in, you see and I worry this sort of thing is going to happen to me – you see so many people with that look in their eye, sort of detached and over-alert…. it makes you wonder. All it would take is one knock and they'd knife you. Or a wrong look…. *shiver*


  10. bleeding does go a long way. I got mugged back in '94. Hit on head with iron bar or similar (didn't see it) .. 16 stitches & depressed skull fracture.Scared the shit out of my local corner shop, when I walked in with face covered in blood .. Said ” Can you do me a favour & call me an ambulance”. left big bloody handprints on the counter.

    The bloke behind the counter gave me a bottle of lucozade while i waited for the ambulance ..

    Hilarious now I look back on it ..

    jah p.

  11. I always liked the guys (and funny thing, they all were guys..) whogot really drunk right before they decided to go out and get stabbed

    alcohol thins the blood makes for a long time holding pressure

    points and a dirty uniform at the end of the shift…

  12. Spurting, oozing are fun but I once came across 'audible' bleeding. The stuff was coming out so fast it sounded like a waterfall. Oops.S

  13. That happened to me too – we were operating on a dog, removing kidney tumor and accidently snipped the renal artery. Whoops! Had a blood fountain that flew 6ft before the window got in the way. Managed to clamp it pretty quick and dog was fine. Yay!

  14. Lots of 'nursing' goes into ambulancing. Well the important stuff anyway, which is how to talk to people, and how to put their mind at rest.Sure, I might not hand out pills like sweeties, nor fill out care plans, but a lot of the core skills are easily transferable.

  15. It's something I tell my patients (in order to calm them down)”Bleeding? Bleeding? You don't call _that_ bleeding. It's not serious unless it's spurting hard enough to cover the ceiling”.

    Standard Patter #217

  16. Ha. I was working there not three months ago. Don't go in that new bakers – near the station there is percy ingle and there is a new one. Don't go in there. I got food poisoning off a sandwich, I think they'd left the filling in an unchilled cabinet all weekend or something.Bleh.

    So, to summarise – Leytonstone: dangerous place. Stabby types and dodgy sarnies.

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