Tonight, a couple of jobs, only one of which was even vaguely ill. There now follows what the job was sent to me as, and what it actually was…

80 year old female, trapped behind locked doors = 80 year old female, not at home.

Severe distress in breathing = Toenail has dropped off, and is painful.

Birth is imminent = General ache, waters broke 10 minutes ago.

Birth is imminent (II) = No it's not! (And while I went to this call – someone was stabbed in the neck a couple of minutes away).

16 year old collapsed = Exams, heavy menstruation, and a lack of food has led to a faint.

Chest pain = 46 year old with flu-like symptoms, treated by GP with anti-depressants.

Chest pain (II) = 30 year old male with a chest infection.

Chest pain (III) = Supra-ventricular tachycardia – A genuine job!

All go on the mean streets of Newham…

However, while this is good for me, a quiet night when in the middle of preparing a flat for habitation (I now have electricity – huzzah!), it doesn't exactly make for exciting reading. Strange to be looking forward to work because it gives me a chance to rest.

I now have 20 minutes to go, and so am holding my breath hoping that I don't get a late job.

8 thoughts on “Restful”

  1. I had an episode SVT a couple of weeks ago, my heart rate was 185 for 2-3hours. Being 19, female & in good shape – i was pretty worried! Got rushed to hospital, felt like such a lemon in the ambulance tho – I Really didnt want to be an inconveniance….But its good to know an SVT was a genuine job. (Tho the hospital never really explained to me what it was.. :/ )


    p.s Great Blog! 🙂

  2. >Severe distress in breathing = Toenail has dropped off, and is painful.Maybe an indication of where they keep their higher functions?

  3. Also heavy periods can make you really ill. I know it's probably hard for men to believe 😉 but bleeding heavily for hours at a time can make you feel very weak, whether you've eaten or not. And the pain can be enough to make you vomit, faint and think you're dying (or wish you would). I once puked on an exam paper (higher French) because I was sitting dizzy with pain in a puddle of blood in an overheated room and the invigilator wouldn't let me out to go to the bathroom. Until I puked of course. Then she had to dry my paper out and get it marked. Ha. I had only answered two questions. Bastards didn't let me take it again either.

  4. I thought of this website last week when I got a call from an ex-colleague. Your comments about the “non-calls” reminded me of it again today. Apparently two ex-colleagues had MI's recently. One a fit slimish 47yr old sat up in bed with chest pain. He convinced himself it was indigestion and sat there for sometime reading hoping the pain would wear off. It was only when his partner woke up that she made him call the big white taxi. As it was – he'd had a minor MI.The other guy , 47 , marathon runner , non-smoker/drinker , chilled out running a small bar in spain – dropped dead of his MI.

    1) Life is indeed random

    2) Sometimes there are good reasons to call that number

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