Reboot 7 (II)

When I take note on my computer I use windows Notepad.  It’s simple, it’s easy to organise, quick to load up and easy to search.  During Reboot 7, I tok some notes, these now follow in the format I typed them in. 

Lots of very clever people – yet _I_ can understand what people are talking about.

Doc Searls, very clever, very good talker.

The idea that by choosing the metaphor, we can influence how things and the laws that govern them are implementated.

IRC backchat is superiorly sarcastic and informative.

There was some amusement that the speakers all seemed to say “fuck” at some point. So much so that it turned into a form of competition.

Some hard decisions in deciding which of the three rooms to see.

Towels only work for so long in stopping your laptop from burning your lap.

Is my laptop wallpaper “Cool”?

For foreigners – a sandwich is 'lunch'.

Some people say lie about what they are going to talk about.

If you don't prepare your talk, then I'm afraid that you are dead in the water.

Powerpoint _can_ be used to make presentations interesting.

Ben Hammersley is _excellent_

Lots of people are quite evangelical about Skype.

IRCing with people sitting 3 seats away.

There are some A-listers who _really_ do have a huge ego.

Humour in your talks makes them an order of magnitude better.


Trains are brilliant, lack of litter, people speak English, and are POLITE.

Bloody Swedes, at 2 bloody o'bloody clock in the bloody morning *shouting* outside my door.

Continental breakfast is no such bloody thing whatsoever – it’s bread and honey.

The whole ‘moving into a new flat’ thing is turning into one huge pain in the rear.  My electricity and gas are buggered up, I may be getting gas sometime next week, no ida whn my electricity will be fixed.  There is dust everywhere, and no matter how much we sweep/brush/vacuum, there just seems to be more of it than ever.

Still, stripping wallpaper is very cathartic.

Two nightshifts now (Wednesday and Thursday), so with a bit of luck I’ll have something interesting to write about soon.

It’s funny to think “Oh good, work, a chance to relax”.

26 thoughts on “Reboot 7 (II)”

  1. If you think that two Swedes talking outside your door, you should try turnips!! Hahah, sorry.Try living in halls Reynolds, then you'll know pain.


  2. if you think that's bad, try living in halls during Freshers week. Sleep is a luxury, and you can't shout at them, cos you have to be nice to them when they start uni, and not scare them off. My arseMerys

  3. I share your pain on the moving house front.And as for the dust, I've been here four months now, and every time I hoover, I still get the hoover clogged up with the previous occupant's long hair.

  4. heh. re: the dust: pull up the carpeting/replace the rugs if you can. My dusting went from twice a week to once a month once that was done with, and that's with three people and four cats in the house. i sing hosannas at the sight of a bare wood floor.and if it makes you feel any better, i'm known to text my husband when he's sitting on the front porch. 😉


  5. I don't believe it! All I did was ignore the “log in” stuff and wrote the message. Eureka! It worked! Hope you don't live to regret it.Pat

  6. I use this thing called notetab light to do text stuff, it's the same as notepad except it's got a tabbed interface. And a load more other features as well. I find it easier to avoid losing track of which txt file is where. Good for HTML people really.

  7. ah…. notepad…. good yes…but only if you can spell….


    I wonder if you cut and pasted all that into word for a quick spellcheck before posting 😉

  8. Keeping yer cool while laptopping. Need one of those old desks that have a flip lid, or better yet, bring ye olde sitting stick for yer lapsitter, and act like the olde country squire watching his olde nags. dungbeetle

  9. have heard a rumour that high usage of laptops can bring about male infertility.a) the temperature of the thing raises the temperature of the sperm, which are being kept outside of the body to keep them cool and you're ruining it for them

    b) you sit with your legs tightly held together to keep the laptop on your lap.

    would be interested to know if its true…

  10. a) my laptop keeps overheating! its a toshiba, it has fans on the bottom which even though I've implimented a block of wood to keep it on still overheats. should it go back to the manufactuer?b) sipgate is my skype

    c) palm devise and word for my notes, can add drawings and recording too (great for recording the lecturers say FUCK at uni)

    d)we have an unhealthy use of MSN in my household, I will regularly MSN my brother to get me a beer in exchange for pennies.

    e)back on placement next week – work = no rest!

    f) I whish I had lino/tile/wood floors I hate carpets!

  11. I did some research for you, and yes, heat can affect sperm production and can damage immature sperm. I can't see anyone superheating their balls long enough for it to become a problem though, to be honest. You'll have old sperm which will be unaffected, and will have started making new sperm and any effects will be cancelled out within 3 months anyway by the maturing of the new sperm. Assuming you didn't spend those 3 months nuking your nads with the notebook.

  12. I used to live in halls, and I actually quite enjoyed it (possibly because I was the person making the noise…)

  13. Carpets? Rugs?When the council give you a place, they strip it of everything, except for the wallpaper. so the floors are bare floorboards (except for the half inch of dust).

  14. Cheers luv, at the moment I'm damp mopping the place – and it seems to be pretty good at the moment. Better than my vacuum.

  15. I've got one of those things (Aztec I think), but I didn't feel like lugging it around Europe, as I didn't take any check-in luggage.

  16. Placement = work? You don't call that work.I've got a suspicion that my budget isn't going to stretch to laminate flooring.

  17. I love your stream of consciousness Tom – met at the recent Geek event and very glad to know my blood pressure – thanks!Melissa @ Boris Johnson Office

  18. so its people like you who laugh at my sheep pj's when i'm screaming at them politely asking them to be quiet. Grr, at least i have a summer free from chaos.

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