A Listers

Reboot 7 was fun, quite a lot of fun actually, and I’ll post up some of my notes later as a replacement for a proper post while I spend my free time stripping wallpaper.  I’m finally having a chance to think about the weekend (and will probably do a lot more thinking while stripping my new place of its old wallpaper).

A-Listers’ are A-listers for a reason.

Determination, focus, and the ability to prioritise people into those of value, and those not of value.

At first I thought people were being rude to me.  Nothing explicit, just that while I was talking to them they seemed to be ‘elsewhere’, always casting their eyes around looking for other people to talk to.

But they aren’t being rude – they are being direct to the point of being abrupt.  While I might happily chat away about random subjects with someone I’ve just met, for however long the conversation lasts – ‘A-Listers’ seem to evaluate whether you have anything important to say, anything that they can use to advance their own career or if you are a potential ‘customer’. 

If not, then they consider the conversation of little value, and look for something of more value.

It’s not that they are wrong, just as there are Type-A and Type-B personalities, there are people who have different reasons for wanting to talk to others.

I like chatting to people because I’m interested in them, who they are and what they do – it’s a sort of diffuse curiosity.  Others, seemingly mainly A-Listers, seem a lot less interested in making friends, but more interested in finding contacts, and resources.

This is why I’ll never be an A-Lister.  Not only do I not have some shining goal to aim towards, because I am a dilettante, and I don’t want to devote my existence towards the singular goal of being respected in my field.

Others do, and I think I’ll leave them to it.

All this is my impression, no offence is intended, I am not a social scientist, these thoughts are not a value judgement.

15 thoughts on “A Listers”

  1. I agree! I am really turned off by bloggers who seem to have some sort of agenda and are grasping for popularity. I much prefer to read the ordinary blogs of folks who resonate with me somehow

  2. I don't want to be on the A List. None of my friends are there. I'm happy on the Q list with my mates.I guess this list business is inevitable – yet slightly depressing, because one of the things I like best about the blogosphere is the way it levels people out. Like the sauna I used to go to in north London where clothes weren't required; when all anyone was wearing was a towel marked 'Haringey', discussions flowed freely without status games getting in the way. As they do in many people's comment boxes. I feel a thrill of delight when I get a comment from a blogger I particularly respect – but it doesn't matter to me whether that person is a peer of the realm or a single parent with mental health problems, it's their intellect and creativity that I value. And I don't think this list business reflects that at all.

    Oops, sorry, got a bit ranty there!

  3. I'm not sure that I equate “Determination, focus, and the ability to prioritise people into those of value, and those not of value.” with “A-List”Sounds to me like they were just plain rude. If you don't want to talk with someone, then graciously excuse yourself – don't treat them like they're unimportant while you scan the room for someone more important to talk to. That's just crap.

  4. This type of behvior, which is incredibly rude I agree, is often called 'networking' here in the US, especially here in Washington DC. It is simply a game of one up-manship (sp?) & name dropping. Shallow, superficial & boorish. Hope you enjoyed the conference anyway.Amanda

  5. And it does kinda presume that those who are “of value” want to only associate or reveal their value to similar. A false presumption on the part of these self seeking “A-Listers”.Networking shouldn't preclude being a normal person indeed such “altruism” may serve up a few gems. It's a bit like job interviews , too rapid assessment of people can mean you fail to undercover a persons real value to you (whatever that might be).

  6. I make you right – it's also why I like blogs, soley because you can be judged on what you write about, rather than on some form of popularity games.

  7. I want to be an A-lister – just so that people will want to come up and chat to me instead of me having to make the first move all the bloody time! 😉

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