Well I’m at the conference, and they have WiFi, great speakers (people, not black boxes that pump out sound, although they aren’t to bad either) and a lot of very good ideas.  Unfortunately such is the nature of the complete info dump, I suspect that I’ll need to go away and ponder some of the stuff that people have been talking about.

If you go to Technorati and search for Reboot, then you’ll find that there are a huge amount of people blogging about this live.

What is weird is that people are recognising me…

Next up (after coffee and before I slide off my chair and collapse in a gently snoring lump on the floor) is a talk on the importance of blogging.

I just wish I’d remembered to bring the European adaptor for my laptop, that’ll teach me to be awake at silly o’clock in the morning.

5 thoughts on “Rebooting”

  1. Hope you're having fun there Tom!I'm in personal hell waiting for degree classifications! 2 hours to go


  2. I'm sure the conference support staff will be able to provide you with a UK-EU converter. If not, you can likely get one at a decent hardware shop or as a last resort try out the department store at the Kongens Nytorv Metro stop. You could also go the other way to the shopping mall 'Fields' at restaden metro station if you have the time.Enjoy the conference and sorry about the bad weather in Copenhagen.

  3. i messed it up, as predicted. I got a 2:2. and i'm trying to wrangle my way in anyway, no-one can say I haven't tried.

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