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There may be a slight decrease in the amount of posting going on over the next two or three weeks.  The reason behind this is because I shall be spending all my ‘free’ time in cleaning, decorating and moving into my new flat.

Tomorrow I fly out to Copenhagen for Reboot 07.  If you are out there, then feel free to walk up to me and say hello.

Last night was the London Geek Dinner, about 180 people turned up, and you can see some of the pictures that people have taken on this Flickr group.  What amused me was the number of these photographers saying such things as “Say ‘cheese’ for flickr”, or “You cannot escape Flickr”.  I’m the one in the very red shirt, now ask yourself if I specifically wore that shirt to get seen

It was a great night, and I spent some of it walking around offering free blood pressure checks (it’s a nice way of breaking the ice, and I’m a one trick pony, so I may as well do that trick…).

Now, I need to pack for my four days away, and then roll up my sleeves and start stripping wallpaper.

14 thoughts on “Real Life”

  1. Hire a steamer thing for stripping wallpaper (I was going to say “hire a steamy stripper” but thought better of it) if you don't already have one. They make the job much faster.Actually we've got one you can borrow if you want. You have my email address, let me know if you're interested.


  2. Ohh Copenhagen, so jealous it's a lovely city. I stayed in both SAS Radissons in my weekend there (confused booking error) and watched the Tivoli fireworks from my hotel room overlooking the gardens.If you get the chance of a canal cruise, take it, and look out for the statues under the water.

  3. Thanks for the offer, I was going to hire one (or just buy one), but then, as I signed for the keys today, one of the things I signed was to tell me that I wasn't allowed to use a mechanical/steam striper.So it looks like it'll be elbow grease all around (although I only really have one room to do – so it shouldn't be too bad)

  4. Get one of those fairly heavy duty garden spray things with a little hose on the end (good technical terms eh?) that people use for spraying insecticide. Fill with a solution of washingup liquid and water, and spray on. Paper peels off really easily…honestly! The only thing is if you have tiled floors and you are using a ladder, be careful (yes, we really were that stupid).

  5. Organise a “stripping” party. Lay on the beer and scrapers and get your mates round to help……it'll be done in no time!!

  6. Hey didn't know you're gonna go to Copenhagen it's the town where I was born and where I used to live before I came to England one year ago. Reading that I become a little homesick. All my family and the best friends I've ever had still live around there.So if you need any information, any tips, anything etc. let me know*g*

    My emailaddress is

  7. I could be wrong, but Gia on page 2 of the pictures looks rather pleased at you taking her blood pressure. You have such a cheesy grin in the one after it too. Great :)good luck with the move and have a cool time in Copenhagen

  8. Were the free BP checks just a ploy to get your hands on lovely looking ladies? – looks like it worked :P.Keep up the good work, just dont go “tube”ing passers by.

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