At That Time Of The Night

It's that time of the night (around 2:30) when I start to get tired, my eyes get sore, and I have to make the decision.
Sleep, or Stimulant.

It is this simple question, do I make myself a cup of tea, expecting another job – or do I throw myself on the rather uncomfortable sofa and hope for a rapid, yet possibly refreshing sleep?

I think I'll hedge my bets and try both at the same time.

For a bonus Karma Point, what song/band is this posts title in reference to?

4 thoughts on “At That Time Of The Night”

  1. Your Karma point sir, is in the post. Not only for the correct answer but also for impecable taste in music.And the speed with which you answered.

  2. Why Fish-era Marillion, of course. “That Time of the Night (the Short Straw)” from “Clutching at Straws.” Ah for those days again…-Matt Leibowitz

  3. Wouldn't trying both at the same time be a little hazzardous? If you spill, don't call and ambulance!

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