…And no sooner do I become available for another job than a get sent a mile away for another chest pain.Once more, a lovely family (I hope this is going to be a habit), with the patient leaning up against his car as I arrived. A short assessment and it's unlikely to be his heart causing the problem, but a quick trip to hospital will rule out anything nasty.
A bonus on this job was seeing one of the prettiest ambulance women we have in the area at the moment…
Now…for that milk…

3 thoughts on “Another”

  1. Grief yes.She is pretty, although happily partnered up.

    Her and Pat were a good team though, and always a pleasure to talk to.

  2. TomDo you remember the EMT who used to work out of CFH? Claire I think she was called (teamed up with that paramedic who always smelt of Vanilla). MAN, now there was a pretty EMT if ever I saw one. Makes a change from 5 o'clock shadows and flatulence:)

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