I've just gotten some milk for the station and chocolate (and some other, healthier foodstuffs) to see me through the night.I've got to say, I love the way people doing their shopping stare as I walk past them in my uniform, clutching a shopping basket.
Not that I enjoy being the centre of attention, but the looks I get make me think that people are disappointed that us medical emergency types actually eat,
Try working a 12 hour shift without eating, and I think you'd find yourself a bit less able to deal with the stresses of the job.
A happy belly equals a happy EMT.

One thought on “Tescos”

  1. For myself, I would be amused by the contrast of someone ambulancy doing something so domestic as shopping. Kind of a striking image. Disappointed? Hell no. More likely to offer a cup of coffee. (then again maybe I'm weird… I offer the postie coffee as well when the weather is rotten)

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