Actually it looks quite nice at the moment, although the smell of paint won't be helping my headache.

The weather as I was driving into work was, as us Londoners put it, “bucketing it down”. This is good for me, as people seem to be less likely to beat each other around the head in pubs when there is heavy rain…

And as I type this, the rain stops…

There seems to be a bit of a server problem at the moment, resulting in double postings and missed postings… Just when I'm going to be sendings things into the ether hoping they are going to work.

2 thoughts on “Purple”

  1. We have a boiler.The only problem is that the tap on the boiler is connected to Control, so that when we use it a big flashing light goes on in their room telling them that there is a crew desperate to pick up a drunk who has fell asleep in the street.

  2. It looks quite cosy actually. I expected you to have to put up with hard chairs to discourage you all from getting comfy. I'm glad to see you get padded sofas and somewhere to stretch your legs out after being stuck in a car for ages. I can't see that all important item, a kettle, however.Snoop

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