So I took my mother to see Derren Brown last night, and it was a very good show, spoilt perhaps only by how long it took to set up each ‘trick’.  The time was needed because of the whole “throw a monkey around the audience, and on the third throw, that’s who we’ll pick”, that happened before each segment in order to prove that there was no ‘stooge 'involved.

And if my mum hadn’t lied about not believing in psychic powers, then I could have had the immense pleasure of seeing her hypnotised on stage…

There was a part in the show (and I’m keeping details away from this post, because there are some folks who want to see it, and I don’t want to spoil any of the surprise), where he asked for female healthcare people to volunteer.  I was most upset, as the trick that followed totally blew my tiny little mind.

It involves glass…

He did two tricks that I’ve been known to do myself, but which had the audience in rapt attention, and the rest of his act was stuff from the TV show and completely new material.

It was an excellent night, and I would recommend it to anyone who has even the slightest interest in his TV programme.

Today I had a couple of drinks with Zinnia of the excellent Real E Fun, if she were a man, I’d describe her as a ‘top bloke’, but I’m not sure what the feminine equivalent is.  Much of interest was discussed, and she got to see just how militant us ambulance people are when we stumbled across a station-mate of mine and he gave me some frightening news.

The station is being painted…

…in purple!

And the new carpet will be red!

I sense some upcoming trouble on that score, probably revolving about people bringing their own paint and paintbrushes in from home.

Tomorrow I’m back on nightshifts – so I thought I’d do another “hourly update” set of entries (technology permitting).  It might be really dull, or it could be full of violence and murder.  We’ll have to see.

10 thoughts on “Derren”

  1. The feminine equivalent is 'top bird'. It was indeed a very interesting discussion! And, as it was my first time, I really appreciated you being so gentle with me! πŸ˜‰

  2. Purple! No! It's a really depressive colour. I guess it depends on the style of architecture – if it is a Sixties block then I suppose it could look quite modern in a retro depressing kind of way?

  3. Hmmm…do tell (but privately methinks…) Because while I know how to hammer a nail up my nose, and how to stop my pulse, the whole 'walking' thing was a bit too real for my mind.

  4. ooh ooh if you're explaining I want in!! email me slater_gemma [at] yahoo dot co dot uk blah blah!!I just got back, it was amazing!!! The evil guy from Spaced (also in Look Around You) was there, he's so cool.

    Gemma xxx

  5. I agree – the walking bit was pretty head-shagging. Not as much as the lying down, though. *shudders*Glad you enjoyed the show though – I thought it was brillig when I saw it.

  6. Peter SerafinovitchHe's everywhere. I saw him in my local supermarket once, just after he'd become famous for being the voice of Darth Maul.

    You are right, he is very cool.

  7. A couple of people have just asked me this – So I'm going to talk to the people in the know and do a post about it in the near future.Hows that?

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