Don’t Panic

Don't Panic


What happens when I watch too much “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”, have a Dremmel multi-tool hanging around, an aluminum Pocket PC case and just a bit too much free time on my hands?

A Pocket PC case with “Don’t Panic” hand-engraved in it.

Then add a rather thrown together theme into the mix…

It is true you know, the devil does indeed make work for idle hands.

I love the Rhinoskin for my Dell.  Given that I take it everywhere with me, and I have a job that sometimes requires me to *ahem* get physical, it has protected my beloved Pocket PC through everything that I’ve thrown at it.

Yes it is sad, yes it is geeky, but have I ever said I’m anything but a geek?

I’m off to see Derren Brown tomorrow…  It should be fun.


20 thoughts on “Don’t Panic”

  1. You utter, utter geek. That's ACE!Have fun with derren, and yeah – do volunteer when he asks – I'd be really interested to see if he picks you.

    … and of course, you *have* to post the details when you get back.

  2. haha! That's so cool (and only posted 10 minutes ago). I only have a desktop dya think work would mind me undertaking some light customisation? My husband has a MAC with silver aluminium sides, perhaps I could start there… or not if I value my life! Long live geekdom.

  3. Ooooooooooooooh I really like that a lot. Geeky, but nicely done.I'm seeing Derren on Thursday! He's so cool and clever and great, I'm really quite over excited about the whole thing. Did you see his TV show on Sunday though? Here's hoping he doesn't wipe our memories (I paid precious money for my crappy seats!!!).

    Found this “blog” on and have been reading through it. It's all very interesting and well written. Yay! Well done you.

    Gemma xxxxx

  4. Mr Reynolds, I'm going to see DB in a few weeks so it'd be REALLY great if you put ***SPOILER*** before posting any details of what happens. Thank you. 😀

  5. Derren Brown is fabulous… I saw him in Nottingham earlier in his tour… You will LOVE him ! Fantastic night out and a totally FASCINATING bloke to watch live !Laters, Lou x

  6. In fact, while i think about it… when he asks for health professionals to volunteer ( he does – trust me on this !) get ur ass up there…. he does this whole thing where he ***** *** *~*** ** *~ * *** ** ~* * *~ *~~* * *~ *~ *~ *~**~ *~ *~~* ~* * * * **** ** ** and that makes for pretty damn good viewing ! LAters, Lou x

  7. LOL I did the same thing to my HP RX1510 or whatever it is called….I got a alu case off ebay and set to work with a grinder but yours seems much more profesionlal

    heh heh heh

  8. I wunt say it was geeky just imaginative or maybe the result of too much spare time on your hands, I think Paragon City needs medics like you more these days lol!

  9. You're going to see Derren Brown???Wow I'm really really jealous I would LOVE to see him. (How much was the ticket?)

    When I came to England 1 year ago I knew nothing about him (for some reason he isn't very famous in the rest of Europe) but when I saw him on TV the other day I was SO impressed – you have to tell us EVERYTHING (well, in case you'll be able to do it afterwards *ggg*)

  10. Ah come on, it was brilliant!! Anyway even if you're not a fan, the LAS were at the parade, I mean that could have got a mention.-PP

  11. Yeah it was pretty good that bit (because I *know* what ****** ****** does to people), but he only asked for female healthcare people…

  12. Mine was 15 cos I'm poor like that. But you could see pretty well even from the back and it didn't mean you were TOTALLY left out of the audience participationGemma xxx

  13. Mine was 15 cos I'm poor like that. But you could see pretty well even from the back and it didn't mean you were TOTALLY left out of the audience participationGemma xxx

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