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Alabama 3 at concertLast night Alabama 3 played the Shepherds Bush Empire, and having a a pair of tickets, my brother an I went to see them…

I’m a bit of a fan.

If you’ve never heard of them, Alabama 3 are a mix of dance with country and western, add in an ironic look at revivalist preachers and socialist thought, and you are part way there.

They also work closely with MOJO, and the band was giving their fee for the night to that organisation.  Mojo are trying to raise £500,000 to create a retreat for folk who have been released from lengthy prison stays after being found innocent, so that they can be rehabilitated back into society – something that the government doesn’t provide.

The ‘Book of Love’ started off the night by DJing, and he had to DJ quite a bit as the support act “Shane McGowan and his Popes” couldn’t play as Shane was drunk in a ditch delayed at Dublin airport.  The thing that got my brother and I singing was that he played  ‘Rodeohead’.  The book of Love also looked fairly cute in granny glasses, not bad for the “fourth most tattooed man in England”.

Opening track was ‘Power in the Blood’, which go the crowd jumping, a crowd that had a fair number of cowboy hats – as an aside, cowboy hats on women are cool, on men…stupid.

All the favourites were played, the atmosphere was excellent, and it was well worth the price of admission.  They played some of the stuff from their new album, and I’ve got to say, it sounds pretty good.

You can see their latest video streamed here.  There are also downloadable tracks on their site.  If you want their best album, this is it.  It should be on every CD rack.

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  1. I saw Alabama 3 at the Bulldog Bash a few years back and it was awesome. Had no idea who they were and was so impressed I went out and bought La Peste, then Coldharbour Lane later, which I agree was the best album.Doesn't happen often, I have to say. Wish I'd known they were playing.


  2. That was a damn sweet gig. I was a little disappointed they played “Mansion on the Hill” before the tiny chick with the huge voice came onstage though – it's better with.(my pink-haired partner in crime and I left before the encore, though, as having left our places near the front, it was impossible to get back down there or to see from the back.)

  3. I love the alabama 3… though i've always seen them in their other guise as the larry love showband. (apparently they have a booking agent deal that sucks the big one) best live act around at the moment and are proper rock and roll (ie off their heads). my mate's band once supported them in the 100 club ( )

  4. oh and also, in case you have any american readers.. they are called A3 in the states for some nonsense reason

  5. I missed the gig due to being utterly shattered after doing Chelsea the day before, combined with a huge lack of arsedness when it came to doing another journey from Bracknell to London.It's a bummer though – this was the first tour I've missed since they started.

    Ah well.

  6. Hi to anyone who has just discovered Alabama 3 within the last month like I have. I went to see them in The Zodiac club with a few mates and having listened to a bit of their music knew what I was in for, how wrong I was. These guys rock and know how to put on a show. Does anyone know if they will make it over to Northern Ireland as I am only in England for a little while longer?Sister Blue love signing out. x

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