Greece won.

And I can still type legibly (just).

The only people to vote for the UK was Ireland.

And I didn’t think we deserved those votes.

I must admit that it was nice to see the poisoned Yushenco present the prize – given that the Ukrainian entry was a very political chant.


…more vodka.

Nighty-night all (stalkers included).

16 thoughts on “Blarrgh”

  1. Eurovision?Nasty stuff….nasty songs and nasty voting.

    The only good thing to ever come about from the Eurovision was that episode of Father Ted, (My lovely horse….)

    It was the Eurovision that unleashed Celine Dion on us all for God's sake!!!

  2. I believe Malta gave us a couple of points as well. But that was it.A better selection this year, I thought. But Greece was rubbish. But so were we.

    Hungary and Bosnia H.

  3. Well … here I come out of the dark to post with a name – what do you mean I wasn't the stalker you were trying to flush out?? Good grief – a girl could be put off stalking by this lack of interest :o) I really liked the Danish song and though that Norway and anyone who voted for her/him/it should be sectioned!! However, it should be noted that I only listen to the whole “shebang” for TOGDOM's sake …… can I put that as my religion at the next census?

  4. Tom, Tom, Tom…I managed to avoid listening to the news all day today, so that I could watch the delayed telecast of the Eurovision tonight here in Sydney with some sense of excitement – and then you reveal the winner in the second line of your blog! Aaargh!

    Still, the Aquavit (a shot after each pickled herring, and then a beer chaser) helped me to forget enough to still enjoy it. Like your family, we have a party here every year to celebrate all that is Eurovision.



  5. TOGDOM?A hint for stalkers, the best time to catch me is at 7am outside McDonalds in Stratford having one (or two) of their yummy bacon and egg bagels.

    Bring coffee (white, two sugars).

  6. I didnt watch the eurovision, i was too busy looking after a 10 day old baby of mine. managed to catch the results tho, wish i hadnt bothered now….Liz

    (recently updated too, hee hee)

    ps, if ever im down london way tom, i'll treat ya to a coffee lol!

  7. Liz!Congratulations!

    We wondered where you had gotten to…

    Best wishes to you and yours. Now, whats the name, it can't be 'bump' can it?

  8. Can you pick me up some tea tree oil then? I'll grab it off your next time I see you. Will bring gummy bears!Rag

  9. That stuff is overpriced and the body shop isn't open that time of morning.Can I join the “I know what shops are in Stratford shopping centre” crew?

  10. Well, what do you actually want? UK got more points than Germany (that's all we wanted so what) Although I have to confess THEIR song was actually better than ours

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