A further Woganism that had the Reynolds household trying desperately not to wee in their pants.

“The last time I saw legs like that – they were standing in a nest”.

Comedy gold.

Mmmmm vodka good.

Disclaimer: Tom is breaking his own rule about not posting when drunk – still every rule has an exception…

4 thoughts on “Terry”

  1. Never mind rules Reynolds, you deserve this night off so enjoy it however the hell you like!Wogan is such good therapy…laughing is just the best way to unwind and he really hits the mark in this show and in his morning show too.

    Did anyone hear him stop playing a Celine Dion song early one day saying…”Oh, for goodness sake…get a grip woman” !!

  2. An interesting game to play is “Who would you get to replace Wogan?”Surprisingly difficult question to answer.

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