I have spent more Eurovision Song Contests with my family than I have Christmas Days.

My brother rather uncharitably says that this is because I’m not paid double on Eurovision day…

Any Americans and people not of this continent will have to bear with me when I say that this is probably the television event of the year – if only because of Terry Wogans absolutely inspired commentary.  An example from last year – “Ukraine has given a lot of votes to Russia, wise thing to do – Russia is bigger than them”.

Or this year “The lyric is ‘I was blind in the morning’, the drink is a terrible curse”.

So I now find myself downing pints of vodka and orange watching Norwegian fools prancing around the stage in full on glam costumes, Moldovian’s with painted on costumes and the complete pants that is the UK’s contribution.

Terry Wogans commentary gets funnier as the night continues as he gets progressively more drunk.

Something that I am looking to emulate.

I also managed to book my flight and hotel in Copenhagen for the Reboot meetup.  Should be an interesting two days – that is if they send me the invoice so I can pay for the tickets that I’ve registered for.

However, for now, there is vodka to drink and bad European songs to laugh at.

3 thoughts on “Eurovision”

  1. So far I have managed to stay clear of the undoubdtedly damaging experience of hearing the norwegian glamrock-fools and their contribution to this years Eurovision Torture contest. Seeing them in the papers is more than bad enough!Greece??? Blahh!!! I want my Bucks Fizz!

  2. Ooooooohhh no Tom, here in Australia Eurovision is a much loved institution. We too cack ourselves over Terry's comments and laugh at the dodgy haircuts and shiny trousers. The Greek girl was very pretty though wasn't she??

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