A strange thing happened tonight.

For the first time ever, I was 'recognised'.

The job itself was simple enough, genuine illness which had become worse.  I walked into the house had a quick assessment of the situation, and then said my usual bit which goes something like…

“OK, I'm the fast car, so I turn up to make sure everyone is still breathing.  There will be an ambulance along in a bit to actually take you to hospital”.

I wasn't expecting one of the relatives to then say.

“You also blog about it as well – I recognise your face”.

Sudden panic, followed by an admission that I was indeed that particular ambulance person.

It's strange, I suppose I've always thought that this might happen one day, although given the amount of alcoholics I see, and the way that they don't tend to read blogs, I thought that it might take longer than it has.

It's not as if I altered my treatment in any way, and if anything it made the treatment easier, as he knew that I wasn't some fly-by-night cowboy.

I hope…

The rest of the night was fairly uneventful, I had the same 'frequent flyer' in the same phone box at about the same time as I did last night and the first job of this shift was about four doors away from the first job of my previous shift.

My last job was a maternataxi, who’d been sent home from the maternity department just fifteen minutes earlier and told to wait six hours before coming again.  The patient had gotten an ambulance the first time, so this meant that she had used two ambulances in one night.  This is a failure on someones part, either the patient, or the maternity department.

One more nightshift, then three days off.  And during those days off is the glory of the Eurovision song contest.

But first…sleep.


26 thoughts on “Recognised”

  1. You mean I was right?*phew*.

    Thanks for letting me know, as I tend not to find out what happens to people once I've done my flying visit.

  2. I'm a bit confused by this entry, as it seems to be saying that you were not regonised (ie you just thought about it), but you actually did get recognised.Anyway naice blog, keep up the good work..

    Shola Ogunlokun

    The MB Challenge

  3. Well I'm tempted to drive down to Millwall if i'm ever ill and when I call 999 I'll request that control send me that nice blogging rru guy.

  4. I seen the pic of you on this blog, but i think i would walk straight pass you in the street.Taking of maternataxi, i wonder how Liz is? Liz are you out there??

  5. Hi Reynolds – I'm the recognisee (?!). My brother is a bit better now – we have get him antibiotics ( and he's starting to realise that he won't 'wake up dead'). It's not everyday you get a “celeb” in your house. Or get chased by a Dalek (SciFi convention last weekend).Thanks for coming!!


  6. Oh yes… missed an “'nt”.In my defence it was written at silly o'clock in the morning when all I wanted to do was sleep.

    (But instead thought of you folks, and heroically sacrificed some of my bedtime…)

  7. Weirdly enough I though I saw you about 3 months back. I was working a shift in A and E in SE London and could have sworn one of the Paramedics was you…turned out it was'nt but he was just as sarcastic!

  8. Funnily enough every morning when I go through Stratford station I always remember you and this blog…I'm on the lookout for the RRU…living in such close proximity to the area that you work in makes reading this blog different to others.

  9. hiya! just to say thank you very much for yesterday (wednesday night). i feel loads better and on the antibiotics. apparently (so a doctor told me today) i need to take a rest from everything and chill out cos ive been doing loads and not had much time to myself. live the good life for a few days, good food, music and films. (and some comfort food!!! yum!) to be honest i dont know where i got the idea that i will 'wake up dead' but hopefully a can shift it out and get my 8 hours ( 12 hours student time) of good sleep. enjoy the well deserved time off!

  10. Now. See. I never recognize patients unless they have given me a terrible time, and even then not always. I am always shocked if anyone who is not a personal friend recognizes me anywhere. To think of all the celebs I have walked past and never even noticed.Love the line silly-O'clock. I am stealing it.

  11. So …. you didn't say what you said (as well as continuing your treatment) when he/she said “You also blog about it as well – I recognise your face”. Did you do the whole pantomime “Oh no I don't!” or mumble something or blush or think “oh shit!” It's like being a teacher and being “caught” in town by a child on Saturday morning with no make-up, your oldest clothes and the remnents of a hangover ….. but luckily they don't know I blog – yet!Jo

  12. Next time I'm in Newham (not something that happens all that often as anything east of the A10 and south of the river I usually consider the bandlands 🙂 ) I'll be sure to check out the drive by McD's as that's were my local RRU's seem to hang out. That and the local Merc dealership for some reason :-)Mind you since reading this blog I now seem to see RRU's everywhere.

  13. “But luckily they do not know I blog yet” from Jo. Is to blog to have a blog site or just read blog sites? I'm trying to keep up, forgive me.Pat

  14. To blog is to have your own blog. You don't need a website either, you can use or similar. 🙂

  15. Same thing here. I always look too, but I'm not really sure where I'm looking, I look down the side of the shopping centre, that long access road.Hey I bet this is freaking R out, this gathering of stalkers in his comments page. 😀

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