So the MPAA have closed down some TV tracker sites while the BBC are going ahead with legal download trials.  I’m not going to comment on how the MPAA seems to have taken a ‘global cop’ role, and seems to have to power to shut down websites at will.  I’m not going to comment on how the owners of those site are completely unable to mount a court defence because the MPAA can throw millions of pounds at the case until the defence goes bankrupt.

I’m not going to comment on how the companies can broadcast something and then want it all ‘returned’ back in their control.

I’m not going to comment on how, when aliens land after tracking our radio/TV signals, the first people they are going to meet are the lawyers who will want to sue them for all the copyrighted material they’ll have recorded.

Now there is an idea for a short story…

I’m not going to comment on how I think that once the oil has gone, the next big wars will be fought by America bombing places that don’t have strong copyright controls.

I’m not going to comment on how transmission of programmes are delayed around the world, and are dependant on local stations buying that programme.

And I’m not going to comment on how it seems that these days, laws concerning copyright seem to be more important that laws protecting people.

What I will comment on is…

Where am I going to be able to download the last couple of episodes of “Lost”?!?!

17 thoughts on “Lost”

  1. You just know that they timed it so we won't be able to see the last 3 Lost episodes of the season…

  2. “Lost” is an American TV drama, that is really, really, really, excellent.Catch it should it ever air where you are.

  3. You can get them off of mininova too, Tom. I REALLY hate the MPAA. They've shut down 4 of my most used torrent sites. They must surely realise that with the dawn of stuff like TiVO and DVD recorders that people will want to record and watch stuff. Ever borrow a vid of last nights Eastenders? The MPAA wanna speak with you.I'll also recommend http://www.uknova.com for some excellent UK TV torrents.


  4. Bugger…both TVtorrents and mininova both appear to be down at present. Ep's 1-21 and 22 of lost are both available for download from torrentleech.org…I can DL them if they are the ones you need.

  5. Well you could comment on thishttp://www.theregister.com/2005/05/18/vibrating_knickers/

    Makes for an interesting call out.

  6. You're all doing this wrong, you need to get yourself a subscription to a newsgroup host… No messing around with searching for stuff – just search newzbin.com and find the stuff you want, just like google :PDont like the idea of paying to pirate? Nor did I, but the benifits are huge and outweigh the costs by miles. Also, stuff is on there faster šŸ˜€

  7. Torrentspy.com isn't a site that you wouldn't want to use, or something.Love the blog by the way.



  8. It's implied that the paramedic's switched it off…poor buggers probably got a terrible shock when the had a listen with a steth, “Quick, Nobby, run she's gonna blow!!”

  9. A great site with more torrents than the old suprnova is: isohunt.comIt's in Canada and can't be targeted by the MPAA according to their admins.

    Good to give a little back after being a long-time lurker…..:-)

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