Thirteen jobs, half of which were either drunk or long term alcoholics

The other half (with the exception of two people) were either wimps, obnoxious or a complete waste of time.

The only people driving around Newham were the sort of people who got their driving license free in a cereal box.

I’m having real trouble (read: finding it impossible) booking a hotel and flight to Copenhagen in June.

My laptop has both a virus and spyware on it (even though I never open email attachments, use a firewall).  Neither of which are being fixed with the usual tools, and so will require some real work when I have the time.

The FRU car I’m driving at the moment only seems to pick up African pirate radio stations, and doesn’t have a CD player.

…and then…while driving on blue lights and sirens, I had a young man walk calmly out in front of me – knowing I would stop.  He also gave me that whole, “you are a piece of shit I have found on my shoe” look  that certain sections of the Newham population seem to perfected towards anyone in a uniform.

Don’t ask me how I managed to stop myself from gunning the engine and aiming for the arrogant bastard.  There may have been some rather unprofessional shouting at him though.

It’s been a while since I felt that all-over white-hot rage.

So, not a good day really.

Same again tomorrow

15 thoughts on “Grrrrr…”

  1. I'm not sure if you'd thought of it, but what about for the travel planning? A quick glance there shows me 42 available hotels for Copenhagen, and plenty of flight choices?Good luck, and hope it goes well!

  2. This is why I decided agains my EMS training. Not only would I have gunned the engine, I would probably have reversed back again to make sure he's learned his lesson! Patience is not my strongest virue.Den

  3. That's all you needed! Why couldn't it have been a good day when you were feeling rough? Sod's law isn't it? Hope you get your 'puter sorted out.

  4. Reminds me of Michael Winner insurance advert”Calm down dear”

    Many thanks for your efforts in entertaining me though.

    I'm still trying to work out half of 13 calls – I guess that one of them was only half drunk.

    Good luck with organising Copenhagen

  5. It seems 13 calls for the 13th is a theme for EMS!Just remember, its all the same world over. Just the color of the buses change.

  6. get a mp3 of all ways look on the bright side of life, and play it when you are down. could be funny to have it playing when you are working on a pat.I wonder how Liz and bump is??

  7. Spyware and Adware?Use Microsoft's new Anti-Spyware tool availible at their website. Works better than anything I've used to date.

    When all else fails remove it manually.

    (And then, if you're like me, buy a mac and not deal with the issue anymore).

    Oh, and use Firefox – it will drastically cut down on your adware spyware problems.

  8. Well….Travelocity “can't complete the transaction”, while Expedia won't accept mine, or my brother's credit card.

    Cue much swearyness in the Reynolds household.

  9. Ms's tool is great, but it can't handle this particular strain (Aurora).Buying a mac has sorta gone out the window what with all the money I'm spending on travel these days.

    And I do use Firefox, and while I'm not a zealot I do like it for the stuff that it is good at.

  10. one word…. macintoshyou know what I'm talking about, virus and spyware free internet joy. If you can't afford that Linux on your old Laptop is a close thing.

  11. Firefox is brilliant for everything, but some shop websites don't like it – so that might be your problem with the credit card things. I've had it before on Ticketmaster, had to use IE. Bah.

  12. Uh, Firefox had some kind of security problem arise recently. With the BBC showcasing the problem, all the nasty kinds of people immediately started aiming at firefox users. I think they have a patch or fix out – you might want to check it out.CBRetriever

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