Let’s imagine a hypothetical situation…

Imagine that there is a webcomic about an ambulance station.

Imagine that each strip is ‘humourous’ in and of itself, but that they build into an ongoing work.

Imagine that it might be written by an ambulance person who has a blog.

Now…what should that webcomic be called?

Answers/suggestions in the comments please, the winner may well win a prize.


26 thoughts on “Hypothetical”

  1. In South Africa, we usually refer to the ambulance service as the Emergency Medical Services or EMS. Some of the more jaded folk take the acronym to mean Een Moerse Sirkus (or one big circus). Pity it doesn't translate so well in English as it does in Afrikaans.

  2. I've been thinking about this, and it seems to me that the most memorable comic strip names are the ones that focus on the central character, e.g. Dilbert, Zippy the Pinhead, Andy Capp, Doonesbury, Clare In The Community. So how about a central character with the initials EMT? You could go ordinary (e.g. Edward Michael Turner (Ed Turner – geddit?)), outlandish (e.g. Egbert Mansfield Torremolinos) or intermediate (e.g. Eric Magnus Truscott). Not as seductive as some of the titles suggested above – but as the name became associated with the character and his activities, it would become memorable. (For some strange reason I've assumed the central character would be male! But the same principle would work for a female one.) After all, if someone had suggested Dilbert or Doonesbury as names for comic strips, I don't think they would have been leapt upon with cries of delight – yet they're very memorable now.

  3. Well I would suggest Dilbert but I think that's already taken.Leave it with me and I'll have a think.

    I can hear the words – joint venture – somewhere in the distance……..

  4. Hey.Scoop and Run?


    Rule of Five?

    Burn and Return?

    Blue and Holding?

    Just my two peneth, good luck with it though Tom!

  5. What about White Lightning? Seeing as that is probably the EMT's least favourite and most popular drink to be regurgitated in the back of an ambulance. Oh, and of course because most people think that ambulances are white and go very fast.

  6. Ooo…just thought of another.”Reversible Causes”

    You always used to tell me “Always think about the reversible causes” when you mentored me!


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