A Nice Cup Of Tea.

A Cup of Tea


Didn’t plunge screaming into the Atlantic.

Luggage found.

Tea (blessed, blessed tea…)


More tea.


Work Sunday and Monday Night.

More Sleep.

It is good to travel, but it’s also good to get back.

Many thanks to everyone who I interacted with on this trip – they were all excellent.

Normal service has now returned (although I’m still walking funny from all those bloody hills).

14 thoughts on “A Nice Cup Of Tea.”

  1. Decent tea bags. Not Lipton's yellow label. I favour Twinings Assam but even good 'ole PG tips is fineBoiling water i.e. 100 C (212 F). Not some luke warm stuff in an insulated jug or pump-operated thermos. If you uses tea leaves the motto is take the pot to the kettle NOT the kettle to the pot for that reason.

    And the water should be hard water. You can't make a decent dark brew in Preston or Glasgow the water is too soft. Don't worry about the matt surface, a little calcium is good for the bones. If you do not live in a hard water area try some bottled spring water to get a little mineral.

    Real milk. Not long life, not little non-diary creamer jiggers, not skimmed; semi-skimmed at least. IHMO milk second, then you can judge the colour better but opinions differ.


  2. Welcome back!I sympathise with the tea issue. An american friend of mine once offered me a cuppa made like this:


    cold water

    dash of cold milk


    tea bag




  3. If you want hill practise you should take in Edinburgh some time. I don't think we have anything as geeky to visit as the microsoft hq (i refuse to capitolise it)….we do have Rockstar North, (the games people, the genius behind GTA) but I don't know that they do tours.But yeah, it's a lovely city and the weather at this time of year is pretty tops. Probably a lot like seattle actually. but not as cheap.

  4. Go visit San Francisco next time. Then you will talk about hills. Enjoy the tea. There is no place like home.

  5. but remember to look right not left now when crossing the road. a Flat ambulance person is no use to no-one. Yummmmmmm Tea.Learning-Nursing – The only man to compleat the 'race for life' today and get a medal!

  6. tea is indeed the best thing on earth, bar cakenice to know you got back to the teabags in one piece…

    what would they have done without you?

  7. If you want to get into a wifi network dont go to CDG airport france, spent 2 hours trying to get in there, i got a half hour 'card' to use it and still had problems getting in, bloody french IT systems!!Liz, hope all go well with your little one arrivel.

  8. HiyaI just read your entire blog from start to present! Well, I started earlier this week. It was like a really fascinating book. I look forward to being obsessive about checking for new posts. You're on my toolbar now.

  9. So tell me, a Virginian, how to make a good cup of British tea. What are the requirements? – JL

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