Keeping Sane

Things that are keeping me sane, waiting for a plane.1) A Dell pocket PC with CF Wifi card.
2) Some power in the battery of the above device.
3) An unsecured Continental Airlines Wifi network.
4) Bloglines working well with the above setup.
5) The thought that I'm not flying back into a Conservative government, although Labour isn't much better.
6) A CD player that is currently playing my .wma backups of Moby's back catalogue.
7) 40oz of smoothie goodness.
8) Planning on how to get 'Don't Panic' engraved on the front of my aluminum Pocket PC case.
9) And, that in 4 hours I'll be in the air, and heading closer to a nice cup of tea.

3 thoughts on “Keeping Sane”

  1. hang in there manrooting for you back over the pond

    im sure an engraver would do a 'don't panic' for you.

    in large friendly letters, i'm sure

  2. Make sure you get that BBQ sandwich before you leave Houston! Safe flight & no extra security checks, etc. etc. etc.

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