Found beer and meat.Drank beer, ate meat.
Beer is not a cup of tea, but it dies dull the pain.
Found WiFi network.
Hacked WiFi network.
Sent email.
Six hours until I'm in the air – Six hours in an airport terminal. It isn't that well stocked with shops either.
Would like more news on the election. Will hit the BBC news site before pocket PC batteries die.
Now I just hope my luggage hasn't been blown up because no-one collected it.
The next time I post I will be sitting at my mum's house, drinking a proper cup of tea.
Assuming I haven't plunged into the Atlantic…

2 thoughts on “Snigger”

  1. I wish we could fax or email you a nice cup of tea! The best thing about coming home is UK milk and proper tea. If I'd got into Government I'd have banned UHT milk. Nothing worse for wrecking the flavour. Hope your Mum makes a good hot pot full of tea for you.Welcome home and thanks for the travelogue.

  2. I keep thinking of Tim Roth yelling “I am not a moppet”I've been reading your nice traveling bits and I feel so bad for you.

    Not to be this downer, but whenever I travel, the going home part is usually the worst. That is, all of the bad things happen when trying to get back home. Missed flight, no food, interogated at the airport, flat tires,bad food,speeding tickets. It just makes getting home even more of a lovely thing.

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