I am indeed a plank, a fool, a twit and a muppet.

Well, not particularly – but due to circumstances both within, and without my control I’ve missed my connection.

So I’m stuck in Houston for a while.

The good news is that I’m in a particularly swanky hotel, swankier than any hotel I’ve ever been in before.

The bad news is that it means I’m going to miss some of my work shifts.  I’ve already phoned my brother, and he will contact work for me tomorrow.

I wonder how this absence will be recorded?

The bad news is that my check-in luggage is currently somewhere over the Atlantic.  This has my clothes, my toiletries and all my power leads.

I have no idea when I’ll be back in England.

But to be fair to Continental Air, they are fotting the bill for the whole affair.  So while I’m upset not to be in England when I planned, at least I’m not homeless and wandering the streets.

Tomorrow, I think I’ll work on my suntan, as the weather here is astounding.

More after I get home.

Wish me luck…

12 thoughts on “Muppet”

  1. and guess what's even worse Reynolds, Labour are still here for you when you get back. It's 3AM and i'm too demoralised to watch any moreMerys

  2. oops! But at least the bills covered, after watching one or two episodes of airport I'm surprised…pleasantly. Now don't get carried away on improving that tan and miss any more flights!

  3. I wish I was somewhere warm rather than shivering by the River Mersey with clouds travelling at about 100 mph. Make the most of your time there and enjoy!

  4. Try to get yourself some barbecue while you're stuck in Houston. There should at least be a couple okay places in the airport if you can't stray too far.- Laura, a Texan and reader of your blog

  5. Absolutely loved reading about your trip, nice of the airway to foot your bill! Nowhere as nice as home tho is there Tom?Liz 36 and 5, less than a week to go!

  6. Sorry, to burst your bubble about Houston weather, but this is abnoramlly dry and cool for this time of the year. It's usually 85-90 degrees and very muggy – kinda like being in a sauna. Hope you enjoyed your visit though.CBRetriever from Houston

  7. I thought that foolproof aviation security meant that luggage never travels without its owner?

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