Yesterday I did a lot of walking, as I mentioned earlier– I’m a Londoner and am therefore used to flat surfaces.

Seattle is a bunch of hills, and you find yourself going up and down hills to get into town.  Then there is the walk back.  These aren’t little hills either, at some points you want to walk on all fours, or break out the mountaineering equipment.

My legs now hurt, and I’m walking like I’m an eighty year old man.  But at least I don’t need a walking stick (yet) – and the weather was nice, and I had some good music on my CD player.

The reasoning behind all this walking was to see the Music Experience and Science Fiction Museum, the Music experience is good if you like looking at guitars, or you like Jimi Hendrix (perhaps I should let the museum know where they could get their hands on the actual ambulance Hendrix died in…).  The SF museum was much more up my alley, highlights included a globe video display, and, for a sad ‘Aliens’ fan like me, the Power-loader from the final fight in the film.

Later in the evening I met with the East Side Bloggers (Hi Anita and all you other folks), and then went on to see The Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy.  I liked the film, the changes were pretty much all in the flavour of the previous incarnations, and while a few of my favourite jokes were dropped it was still very funny and very much in the right spirit..

Today there was even more walking hobbling around as I went shopping in Pike street market, visited the first ever Starbucks, and visited the Seattle underground.

Gary Turner had, by strange coincidence taken the same picture as Dave Winer of the Pike Street Market – so I felt that repeating the photo would be a nice way to put us in the same place, separated only by time.  You can see the other pictures here.

The Seattle Underground was a guided tour, and as a Londoner it takes a lot to impress me about underground stuff.  I love the mysteries of the subterranean world, so I was really looking forward to this tour.

To be fair the actual underground bit was a bit dull, loads of brick walls, and tiny when compared to the stuff that is hidden under London.

But the tour guide was excellent, and worth the price of admission alone.  Plenty of humour, well presented, and one of the best tours I’ve ever been on.

Then it was another walk up and down a load of bloody hills, I think Shin splints are a giggle and a half, and there I was thinking that my days of ‘sport injuries’ are over.

Tommorrow I get to fly back into England via Houston.  It will take about 18 hours, assuming I make my connecting flight (which I doubt, as I’ll almost certainly be dragged to one side for ‘special treatment’ again).  I like travel, but it’s nice to get home.

Then on Saturday night I get back to cruising the streets of Newham, looking for trouble.

Normal service will be resumed.

5 thoughts on “Pain”

  1. This is a non-sequitur, I am afraid. On the 108 bus (single-decker) this morning, young woman sitting on the back seat started to have what looked like an asthma attack. Unfortunately, she was doing it very quietly and at first, I think, other passengers thought that she was just being wierd (this *is* London). I became aware of the crisis when two passengers suddenly rushed forward to alert the bus driver, and I looked round to see that the young woman's lips were already blue (and her eyes closed). Two men then laid her down on the seat, and someone else summoned an ambulance with her mobile phone. Apart from being able to tell the ambulance exactly where we were stopped (in Blackheath Village), I felt a bit useless (I am a first-aider but there was very little room at the back of the bus, and two people already doing what they could for the young woman) so I disembarked. The ambulance was still in attendance, with the stationary bus, some 20 minutes later: is that a good or a bad sign? (I mean, it had not taken its patient away to hospital.) I thought, also, that perhaps she should not have been laid down, if she was having trouble breathing.

  2. I've really enjoyed reading these posts about your trip. Hope you get home safely without any more 'special treatment' !

  3. Yup – I did that underground tour when I went to Seattle. Must be the done thing 🙂 Also got my knees shagged by all the hills too !

    It's raining here in SF so am looking forward to flying back to the UK and sunny Watford on Monday. At least it'sa direct flight

  4. 'perhaps I should let the museum know where they could get their hands on the actual ambulance Hendrix died in'From what you've told us about the state of LAS' fleet, I imagine it could well be chugging around london somehere, probably doing a maternataxi… 😉

    Glad you enjoyed your trip – as usual it made amusing and interesting reading *nods* but nice to have you back on the streets! 😀

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