Day Two (Or Is It Day Three?)

Seattle yesterday had truly glorious weather, so Jeannie and I took full advantage of it by getting out early and visiting the Seattle Space Needle for brunch.

Being from London, and therefore genetically evolved to life on the flat, every time we drove up or down one of Seattle's many hills, my ears popped and I couldn’t hear a thing.  So you can imagine just how deaf I was going up and down the Space Needle elevator.

Someone does need to tell the interior designers of the restaurant that the 70’s are over, and brown carpeting and fittings are old hat.

Going to the Space Needle was just one of many first experiences for me.  Others include.

  • I ate Shellfish for the first time (Clam Chowder – Very nice)
  • I ate Salmon for the first time (That was very nice as well.)
  • And, I ate in a revolving restaurant for the first time (Which had a really nice view)

While the floor of the restaurant revolves, the walls don’t, so children write little messages, pop them on the window ledge, and other diners can see what they have written.  Someone should collect and publish them, because there are some little gems there – for instance, the picture to the left, where someone writes hello, and another child (I hope…) asks of they are “Boy?  Girl?  Single?”.

Reminds me of some chat rooms.  I suppose that it is similar here, anonymous messages sent off for everyone to read.

We then went to the observation deck, which as the weather was so nice, had a lovely view of the city.  It also helps that Jeannie is an excellent tour-guide.

We got our picture taken by a French businessman, while Jeannie explained the meaning of some American slang.

We then had a bit of a drive around, we saw the locks, where I got some nice pictures of a train drawbridge.  We also went to Fremont where I visited the ‘Center Of The Universe’, which to me looks a little like a cut price Camden Lock in London.

But the Statue of Lenin was cool, as was the Fremont Troll.

For those that don’t know, the Fremont Troll is a concrete troll under a bridge, that was financed by an arts charity.  It really is excellent, and given the number of bridges in London we could do with something like this ourselves.

The day was rounded off perfectly by drinks and then a new episode of “Family Guy”, and “Shaun Of The Dead”.

Today, I am Jeannie-less as I try to find my way across the city to meet up with an ex-pat.  Should be interesting as I try to navigate the public transit system.  Hopefully I’ll be able to find my way back after dark…


I hope you aren’t finding this travelogue too boring, but as my phone won’t make international calls (bloody AT&T), this is a good way of letting my mum and brother know that I’m still breathing.

More tomorrow.

13 thoughts on “Day Two (Or Is It Day Three?)”

  1. Its a lovely break for you and us from the usual blood, guts & gore that we have become acustomed to in these parts.Keep up the good work,

    Awaiting the next installment.

  2. Boring? You have got to be joking! I am enjoying every word of it, and the pictures. I've always wanted to go to Seattle but, so far, have not made it. *Love* the troll…he's wonderful.Looking forward to the next installment…


  3. great picture, i'm new to your blog and have enjoyed reading it.-sounds like the trip is going well, i hope everyone is friendly. i went on vacation solo there last year and had a great time. space needle, public market, excellent indy coffee shops and bakeries, there's a fantastic whole foods market in the U district (company that owns freshn'wild in the UK), the locks are enjoyable and ballard was particularily stunning, sat out on a pier as people set out in their sailboats and sharing a laugh with some elderly asian fellas that were fishing for bait off the pier.

    here is a link to some nice city walks in the seattle areas –

  4. Travelogue boring? No, just a different kind of vicarious fascination from the type you usually provide! If you get fed up with being an LAS blogger, you could always be a travel writer – look, there's another one for your wish list!

  5. Great to read of your travels, sounds like fun. But had you really never eaten shellfish or salmon before? I find that so extremely unbelievable. Me, I have eaten plenty of shellfish and salmon, but never really saved anyone's life. So there… Office worker.

  6. Good work Tom- I spent 3 years living in Whistler, BC until fairly recently and got down to see friends in Seattle fairly often- its a beautiful part of the world. If you get a chance get out of town for a day into the mountains (you dont have to go far!)- Snoqualmie Falls is great (remember the David Lynch TV series Twin Peaks?) as is Stevens Pass.By the way, I'm into week 5 of my Paramedic basic training and my head is already full to bursting- out on a week of observer shifts in 2 weeks which will be fantastic. Loving it all so far.

    Enjoy the rest of the trip!

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