Day One

Well, as I said earlier, I landed safely, and was met by Jeannie at the airport 2 minutes after clearing baggage.
It seems that I haven't finished being an interesting target for various security companies – we got a mile down the road before we were stopped by the police. This time however it was nothing to do with me (honest!), but instead Jeannie's car had a headlight blown out.

Today (for it is 21:00 in this part of the world), we have been to a birthday party (in perhaps the most droolworthily gorgeous house I've ever seen), then a wander around Downtown, and in a bit (after we have walked the dog) we'll be heading back into town to go and watch the movie Sin City.

I have also discovered the tastyness of margaritas, the amazing flying fish of Pike Market, and the American equivalent of B&Qs.

Jeannie has also made sure that I haven't been killed by forgetting that foreigners drive on the wrong side of the road, stepping off the kerb while looking the wrong way and ending up dead under the wheels of a lorry.

The weather is quite nice too.

13 thoughts on “Day One”

  1. Thats the only thing with being abroad, (apart from the jet lag of course) Is people driving on the wrong side of the road…..Hope your enjoying your time out in the US!

    Liz 36wks today!

  2. Glad ur having a good time, despite being frisked…..I noticed your on the “UNION” server over at Paragon, well I am too I am a green plastic blaster lol called Plastic – hope to see you sometime, everyone needs an empath.

    What level are you?

  3. just dont drive, when you have not fully woken up.Me and a friend almost came to a sticky end in france. early start jump in the car, my mate forget about driving on the right and well lets say we had to push the car out of a ditch!!!!!

  4. I'm really enjoying this trip! Thanks for taking us all with you. Hope you get a good kip soon.

  5. Have a safe journey and keep us informed of what goes on! Look forward to you getting back and continuing the work-related posts, however 🙂

  6. So jealous that you get to see Sin City on a big screen before me. It ROCKS and if you dont like it I'll have to stop sending you the occaisional cyber hug

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