This is probably the fastest post I’ve ever done, it’s definitely the highest, as I am currently cruising 36,000 feet above sea level at a speed of 597 mph.  I know this because I am sitting here watching the little in-flight display that is embedded in the chair in front of me.

While I really don’t like flying (I’m 6’1”, and fly economy, guess why I don’t like flying), and this is the longest I’ve ever flown, it is also one of the more pleasant flights because I am sat at the very back of the plane (so there are no children kicking me in the back),  I also have an aisle seat and there is no-one sitting next to me.  This has given me a fair bit more room than I am accustomed to.

The in-flight display has a little graphic of where the plane is, and I was upset to discover that, even though we are flying over the continent of North America, I still have over five hours of flying before I reach Houston.

Can I just plead ignorance in not knowing that Houston is in Texas, and therefore in the South of America, leaving me flying the length of the country.

I’m ever so slightly worried that I’ll miss my connecting flight – but on the positive side, the weather in Huston might be nice and sunny.  So while I don’t want to get stuck there, it would be nice to work on a bit of a tan.

Rather obviously I can’t post this from the plane itself, but will instead have to wait until I’ve landed and found a hotspot.

2 thoughts on “Speedy”

  1. i feel ya on the airborne claustrophobia thing. sitting aisle with no sharing is the way to go, as long as the beverage cart doesn't whack your elbow. also, gotta watch for sleepers in the seat in front of you that want to recline – that's no good.

    i've never flown first class, but i like to imagine it as a cross between a recliner showroom and a day at a spa…

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