Flight II

I'm in the departure lounge as I type this. once more I was subjected to higher than normal security searches, I guess they don't like men who are travelling on their own. I suppose that it doesn't help that, under a certain light, I look a little 'swarthy'.
I have small children trunning around my ankles, and to be honest, they are driving me mad – I just hope that none of them are sitting too close to me on the plane.

10 hours on a plane, here is hoping that…

(a) I have an aisle seat.

(b) There are no children near me.

(c) That I'll be able to slepp (being awake for 26 hours so far would make this one likely).

(d) That my connection in Houston goes smoothly.


(e) That the plane doesn't crash flaming into the sea.

I say that (e) is the one I'm hoping for the most…

9 thoughts on “Flight II”

  1. Good luck man.Hopefully you'll get one of those fancy 'video-pane in back of the seat infront' jobs'. Having to watch Cold Mountain for the third time is bound to send you into a coma let alone a light sleep.

    All this is presuming you aren't flying, say, Air India in which case I suggest you study your option (e) carefully and prepare yourself for a dive from 15,000 feet.


  2. damn, i mean't to give you this url, before you boardedhttp://www.seatguru.com

    have a safe trip.

    if anybody feels ill, volunteer bloody quick, you'll stand a better chance of getting upgraded 🙂

  3. I bet you a pint which I will buy you at a blogger meetup when I eventually manage to get to one IF I don't win that you will be sitting next to or very near the aforementioned children! Children that annoy you in the lounge always end up being infront/behind you on the flight – same goes for weirdo's. Or maybe it's just me – in which case I owe you a pint!

  4. Nah , don't worry . man . Just remember “Fight Club” where the narrator (Edward Norton) would always hope for a crash on his flights, and of course they never happened.Chill.

  5. Don't worry if you can't see much of Houston as you flew in, you never can. High humidity and we regularly vie with LA for worst pollution!

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