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Big White Taxi ManOnly a short post today as I’m answering all the emails and comments that I’ve recently got.  So if you’ve emailed me and don’t get a reply sometime today – then I probably didn’t get it.

As a ‘homage’ (Read: Total ripoff) of Memoirs of an Urban Vigilante a City of Heroes player who writes an exceptionally funny blog about the game, I present to you my new City of Heroes (UK, Union Server) character – “The Big White Taxi”.

So called because it is the self appointed nickname for the Ambulance Service.

A Big hello to B3ta, for what is probably the nicest write up I’ve ever read.

Thanks Rob, you are way too nice for someone putting together one of the sickest most interesting weekly mail-outs I know of.

 The first job of my last shift was to a “BBA, not breathing”, a ‘BBA’ is a ‘Born Before Arrival’, basically someone has given birth at home and the baby has arrived before the ambulance gets there.  The ‘not breathing’ means that…ummm…  the baby isn’t breathing.

It’s the sort of job I don’t like doing, dead children are no fun and have a habit of playing on my mind for a day or so. 

I got there quick, even though a bus wanted to play ‘chicken’ with me, and I was met by the father outside the house, and he didn’t look that upset – actually he didn’t look upset at all.

I moved as quickly as I can with all my kit into the house (at a fast stroll), and found a crying baby and a relieved looking midwife.

The delivery was planned to be at home, which is why the midwife was there  – but cord was around the babies neck, and the delivery kit that the midwife had was missing a few vital supplies (cord clamps if I remember right), the midwife had called us, and then after having a rummage down her bag, had found the claps and delivered the baby.

So, a false alarm – but a happy false alarm at that.

Rumours that I asked the father what the babies date of birth was so I could fill out my paperwork are malicious, and entirely true…

9 thoughts on “B3ta And BBA”

  1. Ah, midwives aren't all bad. In fact where we are, I've never seen anyone a) forget stuff eg cord clamps, b) not be ready with resus equipment JUST IN CASE or c) be nasty to an ambulance man (or woman).In fact we are very nice to our ambulance people, we don't see them that often (cos people have to own a car where I live or they would never see civilisation EVER AGAIN). So we don't get many maternataxis. When we do, it's people in emergencies (ie in labour while partner is out, etc).

    And the thing about the cord being round the baby's neck, research says that you oughtn't to do anything about that; you don't need to feel for a cord when the head's out, and you DEFINITELY shouldn't cut it before the body is born- you are cutting off it's oxygen supply! Babies will be born through a loop of cord, or come out with the cord round the neck and you can slip it over the top, or unwind it once it's out. Had one like that on Friday in fact.


  2. And the midwife controversy continues. As long as everything goes perfectly, they are wonderful. But to not have clamps out and ready in an organized fashion is just, dear gods what was she not thinking? And as a surgical RN, I've not been terribly impressed the the majority of OB/GYN's, who complain about midwives.Glad it all turned out ok for you. And baby, of course.

  3. Less poorly organised, and more understocked and turning up just that little bit too late.I'm going to be nice and not mention the attitude problem that some of them have with ambulance folks.

    Because, you understand, I'm a nice person…


  4. Boo Hiss, Defiant's the CoH server to be on!Anyways, thought I'd just say, your blog is great. B3ta are certainly very correct with their description of your blog!


    Stu, Laustin d'Woods.

  5. HiI found your website through the link on B3TA and rate your journal highly. I myself am a ambu-techie and can identify with your stories.

    But I am annoyed with you though, I also have a character on City of Heroes on the Union server called Ambuman . He is dressed exactly the same but his main colour is green and his checks are white and he has a headband and looks cooler cos he has earned himself a cape. next time i play it I shall look for you.

    Keep up the good work


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