My shift ends at 6:30 in the morning, so I was very happy to be left alone from 11pm.

Except that at 6:20 I get a job (I ask them if they are joking – they aren’t).  The job is a chest pain on a bus, in a bus garage.

It is also so far out my normal area I have to study the map for some time before I can work out how to get there.

I turn up to find out that the ‘patient’ is an alcoholic who is asleep in one of the buses.  She denies any chest pain, injury or illness – and after some persuasion she leaves the bus under her own power and leaves the scene.

If I were being cynical, I would be thinking that the bus company, unable to actually touch her for fear of assault, has called for an ambulance purely so that someone else is responsible for getting her off the bus.

Previous experience would suggest that this is indeed the case.

Why would they say she had chest pain – perhaps they know that this gets the quickest response from us…

Oh well – it’s all overtime.

6 thoughts on “Ironic”

  1. I thought they gave you a moving map GPS in your fly car. (and had been consumed with envy because of this…)?

  2. We do have such a thing – but we don't always trust them. So I look at where I'm going first, so I can see the best route (as the GPS doesn't take into account stuff like traffic or roadworks).

  3. Well – I've got so say I'm impressed given the amount of weight that she has lost.Good for her, and she has an impeccable taste in blogs…

  4. Oh Please, Stop! The bus companies are using a piss poor excuse to get rid of a drunk? The world champions have got to be the railways for 'collapsed..uncon.. not moving..stinks of scat! (cat A)The end of the line stations at about 01.30 -0200 am they have no shame in calling 999 so they can go home, Their “security” have instructions to clear the trains by any means, tramps, vaigrants, homeless, shitfaced…your train has arrived cant walk? Our staff will call you a ambulance. Had a call at 0640 (off at 0700) for talking funny? not making sense ? stroke?…… it was a drunk Russian no ticket . . . London underground BASTIDS. Why did they not call the police? Arhhhh he needs to be “checked up” at hospital in the opinion of the underground staff as they admit not having medical training. I Myself did admit to them in my medical opinion he was indeed a Russian and also fucking pissed with no ticket!

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