Stabby Stabby

Newham at nightI've just got back from a stabbing which took place in one of our busier streets.
The patient had a single stab wound in the back – I was around the corner having dealt with an abdominal pain (nothing too serious), when Control phoned me up and asked me if I wouldn't mind having a look to see if I could lend a hand.

I turned up, and there was already a Paramedic on scene (he has asked me to call him a superparamedic here – I have kindly refused). He had already done most of the assessment and treatment, the patient had a single stab wound in his back, to the right of his spine. He was treated as if he had a sucking chest wound, and was quickly transported to hospital.

During transit he developed a cough, and when the dressing to his stab wound was removed, it looked like his pleural membrane (the bag around the lung) had herniated (poked through the hole) which might explain the cough.

The patient was later transferred to another hospital because there was some concern that air had entered his spinal column.

I also had another patient with a potentially life threatening condition – an eight year old girl with a serious asthma attack. The child was calm and collected, although her breathing was seriously impaired. Her mother however was going to bits – she was running around crying, and screaming, and generally getting in the way. Luckily the patients gran had her head screwed on right, and I could get a history from her.

I started the required treatment, and the ambulance quickly turned up and took her to hospital. But I think I'd spent more time dealing with the mother than the child…

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  1. There's a story on the front page of the Standard Lite (not sure about the regular Standard) about a stabbing victim in Surrey with an injured spinal cord. I'm assuming it's not the same incident because this one happened on Wednesday, but it's eerily similar. 😛

  2. I think I had my Hi-Vis jacket on at some point (it was getting a little chilly after all).Stab vest?… No thanks, it makes me look fat.

  3. Air in the spinal column? What's the worry there – that it will get up into the cranium and put some pressure on? Or give them an air embolism?And if those kind of things are a concern, why doesn't *every* abdominal wound get an occlusive dressing?

  4. I have one question Reynolds, been meaning to ask ever since I started reading your blog. Are you planning to get on the paramedic training programme? Surely you'd get on no problem with your experience?

  5. Ahhh…well….The problem is that there aren't enough courses, because there isn't enough money for at least for the first part of the year.

    Then there is normally twice the number of people applying for the course than there are places available.

    When assessment places for the course come around I'll be applying – and you folks can put up with several weeks of me training in a classroom and sleeping in a hotel room…

    Should I get on the course I'll try to make it interesting.

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