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  1. Aww – you're right… they don't…I'm sure we'll be seeing the satellite images sometime soon, though…

  2. Great stuff. But who the hell chose the 'major British towns' on the main UK map?We get Braintree, Diss and Harwich, but no Cambridge or Ipswich?

    Dunfermline but not Edinburgh?

    Gateshead but not Newcastle?

    Poole but not Bournemouth?

    Banbury but not Oxford?

    Exeter and Exmouth?

    This map's been put together by an American, hasn't it?

  3. bearing in mind it was only first on bbc news sci/tech a few days ago they got the uk edition out there quick

  4. They also offer UK route planning. My own London commute is estimated by Google at 9 minutes by road (Stamford Hill – Russell Square).Someone's comment on my own blog entry explains it well:

    Google assumes that several of you will cover the route simultaneously and that only the longest segment of the route needs to count.

    With a sufficient number of you covering the route, you should be able to complete the traversal of your commute in less than a second (and display some advertisements along the way)!

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